Printable Bible Journaling Tip-ins Made from Vintage Hand-Dyed Maps






This week I have a new set of  printable Bible Journaling Tip-In cards!  They're made from hand-dyed, vintage maps!  (I think my fingers are going to be permanently stained pink and blue because I can't stop dyeing paper!)

Printable bible journaling tip-in cards made from hand-dyed, vintage maps


The set comes with 9 blank cards and 9 cards with scriptures all of which center around God's love for and omnipotence in the world.  ❤❤❤  


Bible Journaling vintage map cards for planners, bibles or scrapbooking layouts!


Sometimes the news can be disturbing (sometimes?) and for me the best thing to do is turn it off and meditate on the Word and pray for the people of this world who are sad, hurt, lonely and confused.  

I was inspired by the song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands".  It's a simple song, with a powerful message of resting in God's care. 

When I'm feeling overwhelmed and worry and fear and anxiety are knocking on the door, resting in and meditating on God's goodness (no matter what the situation may look like) is what brings me back to peace.

Bible junk journaling with vintage map cards



Printable, bible journaling tip-ins made from hand-dyed, vintage maps!


I'll be sharing some fun things to do with these cards on Instagram,  and I also have a new Mini-Make Monday video to share this Monday so come and hang out with me there!


I hope you have a weekend filled with love and rest!


Peace & Grace,



"And they were calling to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory.”  -Isaiah 6:3



Prayer Notes Mini Book and Mother's Day Junk Journal


Printable mini book for your bible or faith art journal.


Prayer Notes Mini Book


  Pink Paper Peppermints newsletter freebie! yay!

I created a little Prayer Notes mini book with the free download from last week's newsletter and shared it on Instagram this week.  If you missed out last week, be sure to subscribe before Friday because I'll be including the link to the freebie again!  Here's that video:


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(or you can see it on Instagram here, I don't know why it's so tiny on my blog?)


Printable Bible Verse notecards from Pink Paper Peppermints for bible journaling!These are the coordinating printable cards available in my shop here

To Put the Book Together

I just printed out the book pages twice and then cut them out and sewed them back to back (around two sides only) to create the pocket. 

I used the decorative stitches on my machine because I think they are so pretty.

Next I die cut some color-coordinated tags, typed the names of my "prayees" on them and attached ribbon.


If you try and roll a small tag into your typewriter it might get chewed up or worse, stuck.  I used temporary adhesive and attached mine to a full sheet of paper.  You still have to roll the sheet in carefully, but it's a lot easier.

Finally I attached some pretty charms and tassels made by my friend Amy (@mommymuddling on Instagram) and tucked it into a pocket in my journal.

  Printable mini book for bible journaling at Pink Paper Peppermints blog

I use this little book as a prompt to remind me of names and situations that I want to pray for.  I typically have my quiet time around 5:00 am so I'm still on my first cup of coffee and I need a little help, ha!

How to make a mini prayer book.(this tag is a sample with made up names for privacy's sake)


Each pocket of the book has a category and inside that pocket there is a tag with a list of names or issues to pray for. (Color coded 'cause I like the rainbow and full of alliteration 'cause I like that too. )

-Family & Friends

-Country & Coworkers (Government officials & people my husband works with and I volunteer with)

-Missionaries & Military

-Ministries & Media (yes, I pray for the media and people on tv, they need it don't you think?)

-New & Temporary (These are things that someone just mentioned to me like a surgery or a job interview)




Faith art journal and prayer bookThe gorgeous charms and tassel are by @mommymuddling on Instagram


I have this in a little pocket at the back of my art/faith journal* so I can just pull it out and pray over the names on that day's tag.  I'm trying to be more organized with my prayer life and I think this little book is going to help a lot. 

One of my friends on Instagram (@cranlan) suggested that it would make a lovely gift for a friend, and I agree.  I also think it would be fun to use for scripture memory.  You could hide the scripture in the pocket and only peek when you needed a hint.


*You can see more about this journal on my Instagram feed.  I have lots of videos and how-to's there that include it.)


Mother's Day Junk Journal

  Faith Art Journaling, in a vintage Junk Journal


I made a vintage style junk journal for my mom for Mother's Day.  I found this awesome book at the thrift store and I've already bought another copy on Amazon to make one for myself.  I haven't read the book, I just love the title and think it's so perfect for faith-based junk journal.  Don't you?


Vintage atlas page in a faith art, junk journal with scripture. Love!
vintage faith art, bible journaling, journal page.

You can see more of the inside of the journal in my video on Instagram.


Well that's all for now, I hope you're having a wonderful week my friend!

Peace & Grace,


"This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us." -1 John 5:14





An alternative to Tea Dyeing Paper, New Printables and a Bible Journaling Download

Free printable bible journaling index cards from Melissa at Pink Paper Peppermints!



Color Dyeing instead of Tea Dyeing


Did you see this week's {mini-make monday} tutorial video on Instagram?  I had so much fun playing with"color dyeing" some index cards and notebook paper for my bible journaling.  I kinda of just made up "color dyeing" it's my answer to the browness of tea dying.

I love the way tea dyed paper feels and sounds all crinkly but I'm not a big fan of the brown so I started wondering if I could use my spray inks to get the same effect, but with color!

It actually worked really well and I loved the results so much I made them into printables for the shop!  There's a free sample set of cards at then end of this post if you'd like to see what they look like when printed.  (There will also be an additional exclusive free printable in the newsletter going out later today!)

Here's the video:


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Tips on Color Dyeing Paper


A tutorial on a colorful form of "tea dyeing" index cards! Neat!
Stack of yummy, crinkly, color-dyed index cards


The process is pretty simple as you'll see in the video.  Here are a couple of tips:


-You'll get different results from wet paper, damp paper and dry paper so experiment with all three to see which you like.

-I tried spraying and dropping the ink on and it made pretty shapes both ways. 

-I also sprinkled water over the ink in some instances and there were more pretty variations that way.

-I used Heidi Swapp's color shine sprays (possibly because I couldn't find my Delusions sprays in the mess that is my art room right now *cough*) and they have the prettiest shine to them.  I'm going to try my Delusions Sprays next (when I find them, ha!)

-The notebook paper has a much more satisfying crinkle than the index cards, but the color on the index cards was much more vibrant.

-I tried printer paper and it didn't have as nice a result, not sure why?

-My husband says to remind you that paper ignites at 450 degrees, so um, be careful and bake your paper at your own risk. *LOL*

  Color dyed index cards for tip-ins in my art journal!  Fun tutorial with a freebie too!

So shiny!


I'd love to see your experiments if you try this, and if you're not into baking paper, you could always get the printables in the shop instead!



This Week in the Shop

Printable mixed-media bible journaling cards!

This week's new set of Bible Journaling cards in the shop are the result of my color dyeing experiment over the weekend.

I'm calling them Color Notes and this set is the first of a series.  It's titled, "His Goodness".

I wanted to design a set of cards that we could use to remind ourselves of who we are in Christ, so the scriptures on the cards are written in the first person.


Printable cards for art journaling or faith planners.




Printable cards for art journaling and bible journaling.






Printable cards for art journaling or faith planners.



Printable Mixed Media Bible Journaling Cards!

You'll get 18 printable cards, 9 blank and 9 with scriptures and digital collage illustrations in a total of 5 pdfs.  I'm using these in a variety of ways, as tips-ins in my bible, and my planner as well as in my art journal



Mini prayer reminder book!

I also made a little mini prayer book with them and I'll have a video of that soon.  (Hint: if you are a subscriber you'll be getting a download of the printable mini-book along with a discount code for the Color Notes set!)


Mini book printable cards.

 And before I go, here is a free sample card from my new Color Notes set!  Just click on the image below to download it!

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed weekend and if you're a mama, a very sweet Mother's Day.

Peace and Grace,




"God is good to one and all; everything He does is suffused with grace." -Psalm 145:9 (msg)

  Pretty, printable bible journaling cards.  Free download at Pink Paper Peppermints!

Download Instructions:

Just click on the image above to download it.

The printable is in a large pdf that has been compressed into a zip file.

When you click on the download image you should have the choice to open or save the file.

If you are on a windows machine you can choose "open with windows explorer" and it will download and then open the file.

You should then be able to save that folder wherever you would like on your machine.






A faith art journal tutorial, a printable bible journaling download and what I've been up to...all inside!

Hello Friend!


I have news, an art journal tutorial video and a free printable bible journaling (or scrapbooking) journal card download for you today!

Art journaling and illustrated faith printable goodies at the Pink Paper Peppermints blog!

Bible Journaling and Instagram

How has your 2017 been shaping up?  It's been a pretty busy year here, and I haven't had as much time for the blog as I usually do.  I have been having fun posting on instagram (@pinkpaperpeppermints), although it's been a little too busy for even that these last few weeks.

Art journaling and illustrated faith printable goodies at the Pink Paper Peppermints blog!Bible Journaling in a Traveler's Notebook with Illustrated Faith's She Blooms collection

I don't know about you, but the spring time for our family brings an enormous amount of activities, events and birthdays, not to mention finishing up our homeschool year and it keeps us running!  I'm looking forward to summer and having a lot more bible journaling and art journaling time.

  Art journaling and illustrated faith printable goodies at the Pink Paper Peppermints blog!

One of the fun things I've been doing on Instagram is posting mini video tutorials on different art techniques for journaling so if you're a scrapbooker, art journaler or planner girl, be sure to find me over there and check them out!  Here's an example of one:


Click for affiliate links to supplies used in the video: Dylusions Ink Sprays, Perfect Pearl Mists, Nate Berkus Gold Scissors, Floral Washi Tape, 1.25" circle punch, Jane Davenport Fountain Pen, Jane Davenport Butterfly Book, Liquitex Matte Medium


The Pink Peppermint Press Club

Join the Peppermint Press club for free updates and exclusive discounts!

I have some big plans for the Pink Paper Peppermints newsletter this summer too!  It's called the Pink Peppermint Press and  I'll be sending out exclusive free printables and coupon codes for the shop to all my subscribers (club members), so make sure you're on that list!  (Just head over here to join the club for free!)

The first one will go out tomorrow, just in time for iNSD (International Scrapbook Day) and it will have an exclusive freebie and discount for this weekend!

And just in case you're reading this after the newsletter has already gone out, I've got a different free journaling card below for you too!

My goal is to be more consistent with the newsletter this year (why is that so hard?) and I would be deeply grateful for your prayers in that area. 


New Shop Goods

Printable bible journaling cards blank and with scripture references and bible verses!

Strong and Graceful journaling cards


Painted Grace journaling cards


I am so excited to share with you some new journaling card sets in the shop.  They are hand drawn and painted by me (!) and come in sets of two (one blank and one with scripture references).

These cards were inspired by verses about who we are in Christ and I pray that they will bless and minister to you and

"that light will flood your heart and that you will
understand the hope that was given to you when God chose you." (Ephesians 1:17)

I have two sets of free painted cards to give away also.  One set will go out in the newsletter tomorrow for subscribers and you can download the other set below!  I hope you enjoy them.

Have a wonderful, blessed weekend my friend!


Grace & Peace,


 "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us." -Romans 8:37




Just click on the image above to download it. 

The printable is in a large pdf that has been compressed into a zip file.

When you click on the download image you should have the choice to open or save the file.

If you are on a windows machine you can choose "open with windows explorer" and it will download and then open the file.

You should then be able to save that folder wherever you would like on your machine.















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Sticker from my Scrap Happy Kit


Hello Friend!


I hope you're having a wonderful and creative weekend.  I've been making books and printing deli prints and taking classes! I can't wait to share everything I've been learning with you!




Today I just wanted  to pop in and give you a head's up that all the printable planner stickers, scrapbook papers and bible journaling kits (in fact, all the kits)  in my shop are 40% off this weekend with coupon code: DSD2016 !




I hope you'll come over and find something cute for yourself! 


Have a super blessed weekend!


Grace & Peace,


 ♥  Melissa~


"She works with her hands in delight" -Psalm 31:13