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mmmmm - fudgie (or the best chocolate cake in the world)

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{Hey Ya'll!  This is *still* a sticky post for the party week. But scroll down past the party for "the best chocolate cake recipe in the world", "a truly spring-a-licous handmade kitchen banner" complete with tutorial & printable pattern!" and of course my always exciting "ten on tuesday" post!  Come on...scroll down...you know you wanna!}

{I also just noticed that I invited you all to the ultimate "Bog" party which really sounds more smelly and muddy than fun and pink-ish.  So let's go ahead and just have a "blog" party shall we?}

Partyballoons   Ultimate Blog Party 2008Partyballoons

Hey...Hey-Hey...(did that sound like Rerun from "What's Happening"?)

It's the Ultimate Bog Party time!!  Woot!

This is so fun, you have to join in!  Click on that link above and host a party at your blog or hey, just visit all the party peoples!  I met so many great ladies and discovered so many fun blogs last time!  I'm really excited it's here again already!  And there are so many prizes!! 

I forgot we were supposed to list our top prize picks so here are mine:

#1) I would really, really love the:

145 —Photo Insert Tote Bag
Provided by: Expressions Photo Store
Prize details: Carry your memories with you everywhere with a Photo Insert Purse valued at $45 in your choice of colors, donated by Expressions Photo Store, where your memories become unique lifetime treasures.(they have it in pink!!)

#2) I would also be pretty excited about the:

117 — $25 Gift Certificate to Target
Provided by: Mommy Bytes
Prize details: Angela with Mommy Bytes is offering a $25 gift certificate to Target.

#3) And who *wouldn't* love:

100 — 3 books
Provided by: Jill Norwood
Prize details: Jill Norwood from Who Could Ask for Anything More is giving away three cooking and entertaining books bundled together in a fun striped tote bag, perfect for taking on an overnight stay or to the pool or beach. I’ll also be filling the bag with some goodies geared especially toward the winner’s taste (coffee lover, tennis player, scrapbooker, etc.) Jill’s Book Bag is a regular feature on my blog, so, if you don’t win this time, I hope you visit me regularly to enter another time.

Now if I was to get to choose other prizes besides those I would also really get a kick out of #'s 59, 55, 62, 140, 129, 107,112, 91, or 49...whew...or you know anything to do with coffee, chocolate, or scrapbooking. heh-heh

You gotta go see for yourself! (but come back here and partee-heartee when you're done, k?)

So Welcome to my party!  Be sure and grab a hat & whistle!

Party_hats Party_blower

And I hope you like to dance because I even have a....


Disco Ball!!! 

{can you hear the music?   wooo - wooo.....disco inferno....wooo-woooo}

Also, of course....there is PINK CAKE & ICE CREAM!!



And it wouldn't be a party without my friend and yours:


So grab a snack and mingle here in my pink lounge!  I can't wait to get to know you!

Pink_balloons__2                Pink_balloons__2


I'm editing my party post to add a little about me.  An idea I swiped  was inspired by over at Quirky's party!

You can find out what makes me a "one trick pony" by peeking in this room (just step around the giant pink pinata - that's for later - shhhh! - it's filled with chocolate and scrapbook paper).

To find out at about the prize I'm offering head over to my pink & red studio (oh don't I wish).  The prize will be similar (although not exactly) like these prizes!  Wa-hooo!

While you're in the studio you can see some of my scrappy, papery stuff by looking here, here and here.

If you want to know some random things about me including what I will make for you for $5.00 take a look in this room.

To really know my heart you can go over to my quiet corner and read the most favorite love letter I've *ever* received.  It's in the heart-shaped box next to my bible {swoon}. 

{HINT: If you click on the play button a deep, handsome voice will read it out loud to you.}

If you're still hungry sneak into the kitchen and check out my pink chocolatey cuppy cakes! mmmmmm....there's a stack of recipe cards on the counter there, feel free to take one!

Well, I guess that's about it.  (don't look in that closet in the hall...it's just junk)  Thanks so much for coming to my party!!  I can't wait to come visit you at yours!  (so don't forget to leave a comment with your blog address, k?)

And on your way out be sure to pick up your party favor:

A button for your blog!  Just copy the code below and paste into your sidebar code!


(if you need help putting it on your blog just email me)

Party on Chickadees!


♥ M~
"But you'll welcome us with open arms when we run for cover to you. Let the party last all night! Stand guard over our celebration. You are famous, God, for welcoming God-seekers, for decking us out in delight."
-Psalm 5:11 (the message)