31 Crafty Flowers Day Five- Fabric Flowers
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five mamas

You guys know how much I love a "blog party". 

And I discovered a new one!  It's for Mommies and I think you're gonna have a lot of fun.  There are prizes and special speakers and all kinds of neat stuff! 

So right in the middle of our 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days we're gonna join in the Mommyfest party!  Yee-haw! (pretend I didn't just say yee-haw, would ya?)

One of the first opportunities to win a prize is the "High Five Photo Contest".  You can win a 1lb box of chocolates!!


For a chance to win just head over to the Mommyfest blog on Monday, May 12th and vote for your favorite photo (mine *cough*) or enter a photo of your own (the deadline is tomorrow though so hurry)!  Edited to add:  Go vote here now!

For the photo part of the contest you have to post a picture of "5 somethings" to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Mommyfest.

I thought about somehow taking a picture of the 5 lbs I would probably gain if I won that 1 lb box of chocolate, but then that didn't seem too appetizing, or practical...and plus there would be the whole "taking a picture of *5 lbs of me*" (ewwww) and....yeah...that idea went out the window.

Fortunately (for all concerned) I thought of a better idea. 

I decided a photo of five mommies would be appropriate for the Mommyfest 5th anniversary and also since it's almost Mother's Day, I thought it would be a nice tribute to some of the Mamas in my life.


The top center frame holds an enlarged photobooth photo of my mom and me.

On the second row, from left to right is a photo of my paternal grandmother (granny) holding my cousin, my maternal great-grandmother (nannie) holding *my* mama and her brother, me with my little-O and finally my maternal grandmother (nannie dusty) with me.

It's kind of neat seeing those all together like that.  (I had to move them from various places to put them together.)

And it's strange to think how fast time passes.

How quickly you go from being a little girl, to a mama, to a grandma, to a great-grandma and then to a treasured memory. 

Makes me want to go hug my boys.

And you know....eat some chocolate.....heh-heh.

Hope your Mother's Day weekend gets off to a great start!

Grace & Peace,

"I worship you, LORD, just as my mother did, and you have rescued me from the chains of death."
-Psalm 116:16 (contemporary english version)