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There are some days when I only have a minute and really want to post something clever and creative and's just not happenin'...ya know?


So here's something interesting I saw this weekend.  I can't decided if it's the coolest thing ever or a colossal waste of time and resources...what do you think?...

(I'm leaning towards cool)



This lady got tired of looking at this old gas station so she got some people together and they stitched a giant "gas station cozy" for it and the pumps.

The whole story is here, including tips on how to do this yourself if you want to.... heh-heh... I can't even finish the bible cover I'm working on so I'm pretty sure a *building cover* is not in my future... you never know though, it's all about God's timing isn't? 

(I know exactly what building I would cover up in my neighborhood too, only it's not abandoned...heh-heh...)

Off to spend the day in a very stinky, sweaty gym with my boys for homeschool basketball. 

I'm taking pink crochet to work on so I think I'll be ok.

Have a terrific Tuesday my crafty friends.

Grace and Peace,


"Just at the right time, the Lord will send showers of blessings."
-Ezekiel 34:26