A Printable Traveler's Notebook Insert, More Confetti Tip-In Fun and a fantastic Resource page!
Junk Journal Pages, New Printable Traveler's Notebook Goodies and the Youtube Decision

Junk Journal Process Videos, Printable Traveler's Notebook Accessories and The Art of Grace

This Week

I've been posting junk journal process videos on instagram, my friend Erin has something fun going on, I need your opinion on something I'm thinking about doing and I have not one, but two coordinating products that match my printable Traveler's Notebook!  Whew!  Let's talk about it all! 

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Junk Journal Process Videos

Faith Art junk journal process videos. Bible Journaling in a junk journal, so fun!

This is the junk journal I'm currently working in.  It's a vintage book of quotes broken up into categories on life.  I immediately fell in love with the pink & orange cover and hand-drawn graphics when I found it at the thrift store and couldn't wait to start working in it. 

Because I'd been talking about my previous junk journals, I asked my insta-pals if they'd be interested in seeing some process videos on the next one and the answer was yes!   You can check them out here (and be sure to follow me (@pinkpaperpeppermints) to see the progression of my journal). 


Facts about the book:

-It's about 8 1/4" tall X 6 1/4" wide

-It's a quote book "fun thoughts on life" but I took out most of the original pages as you'll see in the first video.  I left in the table of contents and I'm going to use it to create "God's thoughts on Life" (ie His promises in the Word matched to each category in the book)

-I'm using a mix of vintage papers, scrapbook papers, hand-dyed papers and fabric for the pages

-You can find links to the specific supplies I'm using (including the Ginger Snaps book!) on my Resources page


The Art of Grace

The Art of Grace Coloring book
I was thrilled when I found out my artist friend Erin and the co-host of our free Summer Bible Journaling Workshop was illustrating a coloring book! 

You will be too when you see it!  It's filled with her beautiful, whimsical artwork and is so inspiring! It also includes devotionals and full color pages of coloring examples!

And it's on sale right now for only 2.97!  I don't know how long that sale will last (I paid a lot more when I ordered mine) so click on over and get one of these beautiful books!



Traveler's Notebook Accessories

Page wraps, new printable shaped inserts for traverler's notebooks, fun!

I'm so excited about this brand new product! They're called "Page Wraps" and I designed them to wrap around the pages of my printable Traveler's Notebooks! They can also be used as tip-ins or even to create mini-books!

Page wraps, new printable shaped inserts for traverler's notebooks, fun!

There are 4 unique butterfly designs and 3 unique patterns for the backs of the butterflies. All of which were created from my hand-painted and dyed papers and journal pages!

  Page wraps, new printable shaped inserts for traverler's notebooks, fun!


 I've also created some fun new embellishments that coordinate with my printable Traveler's Notebook, "Wonderfully Made".



Printable Bible Journaling stickers and tabs!

The embellishments were created from the hand-dyed pages of my art journal and vintage hymnals.  You can print them on printer paper, sticker paper or cardstock depending on how you want to use them.  


Printable Bible Journaling stickers and tabs for faith art journals and traveler's notebooks!!

 I've included a graph paper pattern that you can print on the reverse side to create a double-sided embellishment!

  Printable Bible Journaling stickers and tabs for faith art journals and traveler's notebooks!!


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Can I ask your opinion?

One last thing before I go.  I've been considering starting a YouTube channel for my video tutorials.  Is this something you would find helpful?  Do you go to YouTube for craft and Bible Journaling tutorials?

If you do, what kinds of videos are your favorites?  Talking? No Talking?  Sped up or long and detailed?  It would be such a blessing if you'd let me know your thoughts before I take on this new adventure!

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend!   

Peace & Grace,



"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."  -2 Corinthians 3:17