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Faith Art Friday, Downloadable Goodies & Birthday Fun

Hey You!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was as wonderful as mine was.  It was my birthday, my hubby (o-man as I used to refer to him on the blog) spoiled me, we visited my brother and his family (who shares the same birthday with me,  yep, born the same day, 4 years apart) and I had the grand opening of my new digital art shop!  It was so much fun.   Some days (most days actually)  I am just overwhelmed at God's goodness.


My favorite gift was this necklace my sweet husband gave me.  It encompasses everything the Lord has been showing me this year and it is such a lovely reminder every time I see it. ♥


His Grace has set me free. ♥  Pink Paper Peppermints



Thank You


Free Digital Scrapbooking mini kit at Pink Paper Peppermints !  Click the image to get it!

I want to say a special thank you to you for being so encouraging and supportive of my dream to begin selling my designs. I've had this blog for many years and have wanted to open a shop for so long, but always chickened-out.  And you have written me, encouraged me, left me kind comments here on the blog and in social media and this weekend, you actually gave me money for my art! 

If I could I would deliver 1 dozen fresh baked, chocolate chip cookies to each of you with a big hug!  Since I can't do that, as a thank you, I would like to give you this scrapbook themed, digital art kit. 

It will be available for free for the whole week, in my shop here, using the code: sweetthanks (after November 15th, 2015, it will be available for sale in the shop).  You're welcome to share the link and code with friends and family too if you would like.  ♥

I thought it would be fun to do a scrapbook themed kit for Digital Scrapbook Day, and I kept coming up with more and more ideas, so this one will probably have some add-ons at some point!   I hope you like it.

(The rest of the shop is still 40% off this week as well with code: dsd2015)


Faith Art Friday

Erin has our Faith Art Friday Prompt for this week over on her blog and she even made a video for us!  (Is there no end to that woman's talent??)  Be sure to head over there and check it out and then join us in our Facebook group to share.

Also, if you have a moment, would you say hello to Erin and encourage her in the comments?  I know she would appreciate it.  (and don't tell her I told you to do it! ha! )

Have a wonderful blessed week my friend!


Grace & Peace,


♥ Melissa~

"He fills my life with good things."  -Psalm 103:5