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ten on tuesday

I'm completely stealing the "ten on tuesday" that my friend Cathy does.  I think she may have stolen it from someone else, though, so this lessens my guilt...{heh-heh}

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I have noticed that I am developing an unnatural dislike for drinking glasses.  (I know, you're thinking, "drinking glasses?" ...yes...that's the unnatural part.)  I don't know why, but when ever my son walks in the room with a glass of water with ice in it and I hear the ice rattling against the side I just get annoyed. Really, really annoyed.  Plastic cups, no's just the sound the ice makes in the glass.  Right.  I *did* say that it was unnatural.


There has to be an easier way to get the laundry from the dryer to the bed or the couch or wherever you're planning to leave fold it. Right?  I know, most of you probably use laundry baskets, but mine are currently all filled with other things...I'm organizing...really.  So in the situation where you have no laundry basket, there *must* be some way to get the laundry out of the dryer and to it's destination without socks and underwear trailing behind you on the floor.  Or maybe I should just clean out the laundry baskets.


My spell check and I do not get along *at all*.  It is constantly informing me that I am simply making up words or suggesting that I must've meant "gillian" instead of "kirigami".  And even though I love the color red, I do not like the red underlines it scatters all through out my writing, made up words or not.  hmmph.


I'm developing an unnatural affection for my bread machine.  I know this because yesterday when I plugged it in, instead of making the lovely little piercing beep that it usually does....nothing.  Lights didn't come on, no sound...I felt a momentary sense of homemade-bread-making-life flashed before my eyes...."ahh...bread machine...not bought rolls...noooo.."  Turns out the little mini breaker on the plug had popped. I pushed the button and all was well.'s mildly disturbing that I felt the same sense of panic that I do in the grocery store when I turn around and don't immediately see my youngest child standing next to me. Well, not exactly the same...but it was close...and disturbing...


Bloglines makes my bloggy life sooooooo much easier.  If you do not have a bloglines account you must stop what you're doing and go here (open in a new window...please come're only at number five of my scintillating ten thoughts you know) and sign up right now.  It's free and so wonderful! 

It creates a little button at the top and bottom of your screen.  Anytime you read a blog that you just fall in love with and want to know when the author updates you click on the top button and subscribe.

The button at the bottom of the screen is your "notifier".  Whenever any of your bloggies are updated a happy little orange dot appears and you click and read!  You don't even have to go directly to the blog,  you can read all your blogs in one place.  (Although you wouldn't want to miss the and red colors of your favorite blog which won't show up in the reader.)

The stats for my blog are very detailed.  It's a little creepy actually, I can see where visitors are from, what kind of computer they're using, their screen resolution etc.  Anyway, whenever I look at the details and see that one of my visitors is using a Mac I feel flattered for some reason.  I have this vision of them sitting cross-legged on the beautiful hardwood floor of some spacious loft apartment in New York, sipping a latte and thinking, "wow, she's kind of creative, she is worth reading on my über cool Mac."  I don't know why...Mac people...they are usually...all...hip and design-y and stuff.  So, you know, if you're reading this on a Mac...can I have your autograph?


The squirrels that have been running around on my roof are making so much noise now that I think they *must* be building something.  I hope it's a Starbucks.


It makes me so uncomfortable when the people on Amazing Race rip open their clues and then throw the paper strip on the ground. Every time they do it I just cringe.

Every. time. 

I mean, I know there are probably like a million crew members hanging around and picking up after them when they just bugs me. You are a *visitor* in a foreign country for goodness sakes!  Pick up your garbage!

I didn't realize how much it bothered me until this morning while watching Dora the Explorer with my little O.  Dora and Boots started pulling sticky tape off their shoes and I cringed thinking they were going to throw it on the ground and then go on with their adventure, but the wonderful artists had drawn a little green mesh trash can beside them and they threw the tape in it before moving on. Ahhhhhh...a sigh of relief.  Yes, that is what you are supposed to do with trash. 

I just don't like litter.


Moonsand is magic. Really.  How does it stay wet like that when you leave it out all the time?


My husband has this made up expression that he uses to get out of an awkward moment in a conversation.  It goes like this,

"I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'".   

It seems like it doesn't make sense and actually it really *doesn't* make sense, but it works surprisingly well.  Here's an example.

hubby: "So am I the only one actually putting the dishes *in* the dishwasher today?"

me: *raised eyebrow and awkward, annoyed silence*

hubby:  "I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'"

You see, you really can't come back from that.  What is the reply to that?  The conversation just sort of ends and he actually *has* said something that he said he didn't say.

I like it.  I've started using it on him. heh-heh

Well, that's it.  There's my first "ten on tuesday".  You know, to be honest, I did it because I thought it would be a quick way to do a short blog entry, but it really seems like I just wrote *ten short blog entries*. 

I really don't know if it's worth it.

I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'.

  "How great is the goodness
      you have stored up for those who fear you.
   You lavish it on those who come to you for protection,
      blessing them before the watching world."
-Psalm 31:19 new living translation