tuesday ten - 4
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behind door number one

Time to show you the prizes for the winners of the bloggy move giveaway! 

Kate from Costa Rica won this little felt basket of springy paper goodies!



It includes lots of little crochet and appliqué flowers, tickets, tags...


...tiny beads...


...die cuts a library pocket a little chipboard birdie wrapped in ribbons, lace & baker's twine! (and did you notice the clear, crinkly cellophane?)

Angela won a little Birdie Book O' Bakery Twine all wrapped around some tiny ticket tags!


Inside the birdie (28 yards of gorgeous bakers twine!):



Are you drooling yet?  Well don't despair dear readers because you too could soon be opening a package filled with goodies like those above!

That's right, I'll be giving away more little prize packages during "The Ultimate Blog Party" sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom! If you haven't looked at this yet, jump over there and see.  If you have a blog it is such a fun week to get to know other bloggers!

And if you simply cannot wait for the blog party you can sneak over to my etsy shop (yes, that's right, I have actually *updated* my shop - woo-hoo!) and get some twine and other goodies right now!  :)

See you tomorrow for Ten on Tuesday!

M~  {←did ya see what I did there?  a little heart!  and an arrow! look here to conquer some evil technology yourself! ha-ha!}

"She perceives that her merchandise is good..."
-Proverbs 31:18