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tuesday ten - 4

ten random thoughts on tuesday


I heard birdies singing this morning...birdies I tell you!  I am so excited spring is coming soon!





You might've noticed there's been a slight name change in my ezine.  It is now "heART & Soul".  That's because there is another neat ezine named "The Heart of the Matter". 

So to avoid confusion I decided a name change was in order. I kinda like the new name even better because I think it describes what the zine will be all about (Heart, ART & Soul!).  If you haven't subscribed, head over there now! It's freeeeeeee!



I have recently become aware that there is a large, gaping chasm between what I *think* can be accomplished in a day and what can *actually* be accomplished in a day by a normal human woman.  This is only complicated by my apparent lack of any concept of time

Case in point.  I was just thinking I would like to have this posted by noon today so that I can finish up some other things.  I look down at my computer clock (yes...I have a clock *right on my computer*) and it is 2:00 pm.  This has the potential for causing some serious disappointment as you can imagine.  Something I need to work on.


I need to start cleaning up for the holidays, no not Easter...Christmas!  It's only 309 days away you know.



Did you see my 'Neat-O new thing' button?  I stole borrowed the idea from my friend Elizabeth. She has a "link of the week" in her sidebar and I love it.  I am alway running across neat, new things online(well new to me anyway) so I thought the button would be a great way to share it with you!


Little O has been cracking me up lately because he thinks the word for "dizzy" is "bizzy".  This makes for some very interesting conversations.  In the grocery store after seeing me rub my temples due to an impending headache..."Are you gettin' bizzy, mama?"  *weird look from the lady across the aisle*



I found such a great, new place for homeschool moms!  It's called "The Homeschool Lounge" and it's kinda like facebook for homeschoolin' mamas.  It is soooo neat!  If you are a homeschooling mama you have to go sign up right now!  And come and find me if you do, I go by "OneHappyMama" there. 

There are all kinds of fun groups to join and you can post photos and videos and it's all private, member only and *freeeeeeeee*.  Also, if you sign up and like it, be sure to blog about it because they are having a giveaway for bloggers!


I've had some inquiries about the buttons I make, so I thought I'd try something.  I'm going to be the "Button Girl"! (you know..."hey, who made your button?" "oh, I found this great button girl".)


So the first person to comment on this post gets a free one.  After that, I'm going to make them for a mere five buck-a-roonies ($5.00 ea) (evil spell check is fine with "buck-a" but "roonies" is freaking it out) There will be some limitations with that of course which we can discuss in email. 

We'll see how it goes, I might have to charge more later (or you know, pay *you* to take one).  But if you're one of the ones who wanted a button for your group or blog or whatever just send me an email with what you need/want and we'll go from there.  I'll take paypal and maybe I can figure out how to make a paypal button even!  {Oh...and I promise I won't actually turn you *into* a button.  heh-heh}


Yesterday my Little O woke up earlier than usual and came in and climbed up in my lap while I was checking email.  This is what I saw when I looked down.


I never want to forget this. ever. 

You think if I just close my eyes real tight and pretend it's not happening I can keep him from growing up?  Naaah.  I guess I don't wanna do that anyway. (well, maybe a little)


When I have to call someone and figure out why they are not doing something they are supposed to be doing, I make a quick list so I don't forget what to ask and if I'm *really* upset I scribble a reminder of how Jesus would like me to handle it at the top of the page.

If I don't do this...well..."Christ like" is  not a good description of my behavior. An example is below (it's in my messy *be angry but sin not* handwriting...heh-heh) from one of my many conversations with doctors and nurses over the fiasco with my dad's surgery.


One of the cool things about blogging is that I probably would've never even noticed this little habit of mine if I hadn't been looking for number ten.  :)

Grace and Peace friends,

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven;"
-Ecclesiastes 3:1