spring banner-licious (or how to actually make stuff instead of just thinking about it)
how to actually make stuff (part 2)

ten on tuesday - 7

ten random thoughts on tuesday


The three questions my hubby asks me most often:

1.) How many pictures of that are you going to take?

2.) Did you take this out of the garbage??

3.) Without looking at the clock, what time do you think it is right now?


A conversation with Little O this morning:

  mama?  'scuse me, mama?

me:  yes?

littleO: is dis special to you? (holding up a scrap of fabric from my desk)

me: no, why?  do you want it?

littleO: well, no.  I just thought it was special to you and I think I sneezed on it.


Sometimes when I'm emailing someone in a rush and I'm typing super fast I will start to sign my name and type:

lovey  ou

instead of

love you

I kinda like it.


Have you ever been trying to take a photo of something in your home and you're zoomed in on it and then you tilt your camera down towards the carpet and it auto focuses and then you scream? 


No that's never happened to me either...I was just wondering...you know if it had ever happened to you.


The snow is all finally gone and I heard the squirrels again for the first time yesterday, scampering around on the roof. 


Snow you say? Yes, here is a look at our *one day* of snow in March. (You "zone 5 & unders don't hate me because I live in zone 8 - a little early gardening talk for ya there - heh-heh)

Teen O - he thinks this picture is pretty cool.

Caught him with the zoom trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue. He *does not* think this photo is cool.  And please don't tell him that I posted it 'cause I'll get in trouble. (heh-heh)


Snowball fight!




This morning when I went in to make sure TeenO was awake (which of course he was not) I noticed he had retrieved an old pink & red flowered quilt from the closet (must've gotten cold last night). 

As soon as I saw it I thought it would be perfect for a spring tablecloth in the kitchen.  (I was just thinking of buying a new one - spring tablecloth, not kitchen)

I grabbed hold of the edge of the blanket and mostly talking to myself said out loud,

"hey, can I use *this* for the tablecloth?" 

Teen O mutters in his sleep, "yeah, but not right now, ok?" 

Oh that child knows me too well.

I'm washing it as I type.  Can't wait to see if it works!


I am going to the quilt show with my mom this weekend!!!!


Fabric, fabric, fabric.  I am *so* excited!  (you can't be jealous 'cause love is not jealous.  besides, I will bring you some back ok?)


I woke up to a foggy, springy morning today.  And here is what I heard and saw (- more video - aren't I conquering technology?? - well, ok, after you see the video you won't think I'm conquering anything - sorry about my lame video skills - just close your eyes and listen if you have to.)


lovey  ou


"You made me so happy, God I saw your work and I shouted for joy. How magnificent your work, God! How profound your thoughts!"
-Ps 92:4 (the message)