31 Crafty Flowers Day Nine - Watercolor Button Garden
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31 Crafty Flowers Day Ten - Childhood Memories of Daisy Chains

Day Ten - Let's back it up and do it again!

(ok these are starting to not make sense...that was from a high school cheer we used to do!  I may have to quit with the rhyming. Really...don't try to stop me...)



This morning I was noticing my neighbors weeds wildflowers behind their fence and I remembered how when I was a little girl we would sit in the grass giggling and talking and making daisy chains from Clover flowers during recess.  Did you ever do that?

Well I thought that would be a fun crafty flower for today!  It may be a short-lived craft, but the memories will last forever!

So here's what you need to get started:


A Patch of Wildflowers!

Step One

First pick a bunch of pretty wildflowers like clovers, dandelions or these buttercups (is that what these are called?).

Step Two


Next choose the flowers with the thickest stems. 

How many you need will depend on whether you want to make a crown of flowers, a necklace of flowers or a bracelet of flowers. 

We used to always make bracelets so that's what I've made today. 

You need about 8 flowers for a bracelet.

Step Three

Strip off the leaves & any extra buds of your flowers.

Step Four


Make a little slit in the stem of the first flower with your fingernail if you're a little girl (if you're a grown up you can use an exacto knife, but what fun is that?)

Step Five


Place the end of the second stem through the slit and pull the flower down.



Step Six

Keep adding to your chain by making a slit in each successive flower and feeding the next flower through.

When you get the chain long enough, make a slit in the top of the first flower stem and feed the last flower through it to close the chain.

That's it! You have a pretty flower chain to wear now!

If you have little girls they will probably really love this crafty nature fun, but my boys were more interested in all the little bugs that were crawling out of the flowers I picked!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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More flowers on Monday!

Grace & Peace,

♥ Melissa~
"And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, He will certainly care for you..."
-Luke 12:28