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Day Seventeen - You're a Flower Queen!

Step six-attach buttons


It's day 17 of the 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days extravaganza!  Woo-hoo!

Today we're using silk flowers (and a little fabric & buttons) to gussie up those ugly (but important) reusable shopping bags!

(gussie up - that's Texan for make 'em pretty)

I got mine on sale when my Albertson's was going out of business and now I really don't like taking them to other stores because of the big (and mega-ugly) Alberston's logo on them.

I first got the idea of "altering" them at this little blog: ferferly.  She has a wonderful tutorial for creating a pocket to cover the logo.

My bags were different than hers though and I'm not quite as good a seamstress so this is my solution.

(I think you could do this completely with hot glue too if you are not a sewy sew kinda gal.)

Here's what you need to get started:

Step one-gather supplies  

-A reusable shopping bag with an ugly logo (or not)
-Silk flowers (or polyester - the dollar store usually has bunches of them for...well a dollar, heh-heh)
-Fabric Scraps
-Hot Glue gun
-Needle & thread
-Sewing Machine (optional)

Step One

Step two-cut fabric

Cut out the the fabric to the size needed to cover the logo. 

Step Two

Step three-lay out flowers

Layout the flowers in the design/pattern of your choice and pin them to the fabric.

Step Three

Step four-sew edges
I sewed around the edges of my fabric square to make it look sewn-on.  I left raw edges because I like that look, but you could turn the seams under if you prefer a neater look.

In hind-sight I should have done that *before* pinning the flowers on.  It would just be easier.  Now you don't have to make that mistake though.  Aren't I awesome?  I'm always workin' for ya to figure things out. heh-heh.

Step Four

Step five-buttons

Now select the buttons for your flower centers and sew them on by hand.

Step Five

Step six-attach buttons

Attach your fabric square to the bag.  I used hot glue, but you could hand sew it or even hot glue velcro strips to both the bag and the fabric so that the fabric could be removed for washing!

That's it! 

Finished bag

Now you have a pretty bag to take shopping!   

And you can create so many different designs with this idea too! 

You could do a patchwork of different fabrics instead of just one.  You could even use appliqué or embroidery or cross-stitch to decorate the fabric!

You could also hot glue only around three sides to create a pocket (similar to what ferferly did with hers)!

If you don't already have some reusable grocery bags (with mega ugly logos on them) you can get some very nice plain ones to decorate here.

Ok! Go make some fun & flowery shopping bags and say no to plastic!


Grace & Peace,

"At that time the Lord All-Powerful will be like a beautiful crown, like a wonderful crown of flowers for His people."
-Is 28:5