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 Day Fifteen Oh jumpin' jelly beans!

*ignoring the groans at my lame rhyme*


Yay day 15!  I'm so glad you've been enjoying the links.  Thanks so much for your emails.  I owe lots of you replies still, but it's gonna take me a little time. 

Please know that I'm reading them all and checking out your amazing links as I am able!

Don't forget if you have a flower tutorial you'd like to see featured, you've created a flower that you would like to see in the Flower Power gallery  (coming soon) or you know of a great link please email me and let me know! 

So let's get to today's featured flower tutorials:

Molly Chicken's

Raggy Flowers

Fabric Flowers

You may remember Molly Chicken from when I featured her in my Neat-O links. 

Of course she has not one but *two* amazing tutorials for flowers.  She even has super sweet tiny little button & embroidery flowers in her header! 


Blair Peter's Wise Craft

Links to flower tutorials could not be complete without a link to the lovely Wise Craft blog. 

She has a beautiful fabric flower tutorial (among many other wonderful things at which to drool look).

So that's it for today.  I'll be back Monday with more flower tutorials of my own to share! 

Just a reminder, if you're reading in a feed reader I've updated the sidebars with some new links!

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Ok make some flowers this weekend and come back Monday for more 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days!

Grace & Peace,

♥ Melissa~
 "Let us get up early and go to the grape-fields. Let us see if the buds are on the vines, and if its flowers have opened."
-Song of Solomon 7:12