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Day Twenty-One and we're still havin' fun!



Today we're making a super cool pop up flower for the 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days !

Finished crop

I thought it would be fun to make it out of old magazine pages, but of course you could use pretty scrapbook paper, handmade paper, painted watercolor paper or even construction paper if the kiddos are helping to make these fun flowers!


Here's what you need to get started:
Step one-gather supplies

-9 Magazine pages or 9 sheets of 81/2 x 11 patterned paper (or any other paper)

Step One

Step two-fold A

Step two-fold A1

Fold the first sheet in half.  Don't worry about trimming the torn edges as these will get cut off later.

Step Two

Step three-fold B
Next fold in half again (to quarter size).

Step Three

Step four-fold C

Step four-fold C1

Now take the bottom left corner, fold it up to the top edge and crease.

Step Four

Step five-fold D Step five-fold D1

Next take the top layer *only* of the fold you just made and fold it back down to the bottom edge and crease.

Step Four

Step six-cut petals

Holding the folded paper (point down) start at the middle and cut upwards creating a petal shape.

Step six-cut petals2

Step six-cut petals3

When you reach the middle crease, fold the top layer *only* over to the left and use it as a guide to continue cutting.

Step six-cut petals4 

Your folded flower should look something like the photo above.

Step Five

Step seven-unfold petals 

Step seven-unfold petals2

Carefully unfold your flower.  You will need to create nine flowers like this one.

Step Six

Step eight-fold cardstock 

Step eight-fold cardstock2

Step nine-glue first layer 

Step nine-glue first layer2

Fold a blank piece of cardstock in half and glue the first flower to the cardstock.

Step Seven

Step ten-glue second layer

Flower A

Step ten-glue alternate petals 

Flower B

Layer each flower over the next alternating the petals you glue with each flower as shown above until you get to the last flower. This is an important step for the flower to open correctly.

Step Eight

Step ten-stacked petals

Step eleven-cut petal in half 

Step eleven-glue half petal 

Step eleven-glue half petal2 

Step twelve-fold in half 

Step twelve-fold in half2

The last petal you will cut in half and glue to stack of petals. 

Then glue alternate petals all the way around the flower as before and fold the card over. 

Place something heavy on it and let set for five or ten minutes (this is the hardest part!).

Step Nine

Time to unfold your finished flower!

Step thirteen-unfold

Step thirteen-unfold2
Step thirteen-unfold3
Step thirteen-unfold4


This one make take a little practice, but it is so worth the end result!  Kids especially love the big reveal when you open that 3-D Pop Up flower!

Hope you have fun!

Grace & Peace,

"The two doors to the most holy place were made out of olive wood and were decorated with carvings of palm trees, and flowers..."
-1 Kings :31