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Button Flower Bouquet | 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days - Day 31

Day Thirty-one and now we're done...

Finished flowers2


Can you believe it?  It's been 31 days already? (actually if you count weekends it's been 6 weeks!!)

Our final flower tutorial for 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days  is for a beautiful bouquet of button flowers!


 Here's what you need to get started:
  Gather supplies

-Wire (I used 18 gauge)
-Wire cutters
-Ribbon & jar

Step One

Step one-cut and bend wire

Decide on the length that you want your flower stems to be, cut your wire twice this length and fold in half.

Step Two

Step two-choose buttons

Now choose the buttons you want to use for your flowers.

I like to stack mine up and play with shapes, sizes and colors until I'm happy with the look.

Step Three

Step three-slide buttons onto wire

Now begin to slide your buttons up the wire in the order that you stacked them (top to bottom).

Step three-slide buttons onto wire2
Step Four

Step four-twist wire

Now twist the wire down to where you want the first "leaf".  I used various sizes & shades of green buttons for leaves.

Step five-add button leaves  

 Your flower should look something like this:

Finished flower

Step Five

Step six-make wire curls

I also added little wire curly "vines" to my bouquet using a wire curler to twist the wire. 

If you don't have one of these tools you can use a pencil (round without the flat sides) or paintbrush to wrap the wire around.

You can trim the wire to fit exactly in the jar or vase that you are using, but I kind of like how my wire looked all swirled together at the bottom of the jar so I left it!
Finished flowers

Finished flowers2

So that's it for my spring flower celebration!  As you're reading this we are on vacation, so I'm not sure how much posting there will be for the next few days.

I've had lots of questions about the next "31 days" of tutorials and I have some ideas, but those will be  "coming soon".

In the meantime I'll still be posting tutorials and ideas and of course I'll be going back to my regular blogging with ten on tuesdays & stuff so I hope to see you all around!

I have been so excited to meet so many people from all over the world doing this! 

Thank you all for your encouraging emails and comments!

See you soon!

Grace & Peace,

"He sent Me to give them flowers in place of their sorrow, olive oil in place of tears, and joyous praise in place of broken hearts. They will be called "Trees of Justice," planted by the LORD to honor His name."

-Isaiah 61:3