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Day Twenty-Two only 9 more flowers before we're through!

Finished Garland


Today's flower tutorial for the 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days is a pretty punched flower garland.

Garland Crop  

 Here's what you need to get started:
Step one-gather supplies

-Flower Punch (or die cut or trace or draw your own)
-Glue Dots (or other dry adhesive)
-Patterned or plain scrapbook paper  (this would also be cute with recycled paper like yesterday's flower)
-Baker's Twine or other ribbon or string

Step One

Step two-punch flowers

Punch flowers in your desired colors. 

You'll need six flowers for each flower ball. 

You'll need about three or four flower balls per foot of garland.

Step Two

 Step three-face flowers
I've drawn a little face & body on this flower to make the instructions easier to understand. 

You can do the same for the first flower you create to help you get the hang of it, but after that, it probably won't be necessary.

Step Three

Step Four-join flowers

Join five flowers together at the "arms" using glue dots or other dry adhesive.

It should look something like this:

Step Four-join flowers2

Step Four

 Step five-add top flower Step five-add top flower2

Now put adhesive on all five petals of another flower and join each petal to one of the "faces" on your flowers. 

Then attach the last two "arms".

It should look something like this now:
Step five-add top flower3

Step Five

  Step six-bottom flower

Step six-bottom flower2

Now flip the flower upside down and  you'll see five little pairs of "legs". 

Adhere each "leg" to the one next to it as above.

Your finished flower should look something like this:

Finished Flower  

Step Six

 Finished Flowers2

Once you've finished all your flowers, string them on bakery twine or ribbon to create the garland.

Finished Garland
That's it, now string your garland somewhere summery-ish and enjoy!

You could do this with red,white & blue flowers for a fourth of July barbecue or in bright primary colors for a birthday party too!

Have Fun!

Grace & Peace,

"As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field;"
-Psalm 103:15