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Day Twenty-Four and we could open a flower store!

Step four-ink foam


Make your own flower stamp with this foam stamp flower tutorial for today's 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days

 Here's what you need to get started:
Gather supplies  

-Craft Foam
-Adhesive (rubber cement or glue dots)
-Old cd case or acrylic mounting block

Step One

Step one-draw design

Draw your design on the craft foam.  Look in magazines, and coloring books for ideas for designs.  Simple shapes work best for this type of stamp.

Step Two

 Step two-cut foam
Cut out your shapes.

Step Three

Step three-mount foam

Mount your design on the cd case with rubber cement or glue dots.

Step Four

  Step four-ink foam

Ink up your stamp and start stamping! 

You can also try using watercolor markers, fabric paints (for stamping on t-shirts or tote bags) or acrylic paints for a completely different look! 


This is a great summer activity to do with your kids!  Let them find simple designs in their coloring books to trace or have them draw their own designs! 

Have Fun!

Grace & Peace,

"The entire interior of The Temple was cedar, with carvings of fruits and flowers."
-1 Kings 6:14