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ten on tuesday {vacation edition}

 So it's finally time to get back to ten on tuesday!  I can't guarantee how fun this is gonna be though because it's midnight and I've been in the car for four days. (well, ok, not really but it feels like it)

It takes ten hours to drive from Dallas to St. Louis.  13 hours if you make your family stop at "The World's Largest Gift Shop".  


This picture is not the gift shop because I couldn't find a picture of it and didn't think to take one.  This picture is the "world's largest basket" which I thought was funny. (It's the Longaberger headquarters...isn't that funny and so super creative? I love it!)


We stopped in St. Louis for a night to rest before heading to Chicago.  I got to visit the coolest art paper & stamp store ever called Red Lead. 

I took some photos, but haven't been able to download them yet.  Here's one from their site and I'll put mine up later this week.

Red lead

Isn't if gorgeous?  If you live in St. Louis you are *lucccckkkeeeee* to get to shop here. It is so inspiring!  Take a peek at the fabulous shop and blog for lots of yummy crafty goodness!

We are in Chicago now.  Our hotel "ran out" of non-smoking rooms so we are in a stinky room until tomorrow.  We have all the windows open and fans going and I'm sucking on peppermints to keep the smell from gagging me, but other than that it's great.



The next couple of days we'll be headed to museums, Navy Pier, Little Italy and Chinatown!  I can't wait to take lots of pictures!

After that we are on our way to Wisconsin to spend time with the O-fam.  Looking forward to a nice relaxing week of doing nothing!

I will try to stop in here and post once or twice though.  Especially if anything crafty happens...heh-heh.


That was my lamest ten on tuesday ever, but it's 1:12 am now and it's smokey in here!

Grace & Peace,

"I said to myself, "Relax and rest. God has showered you with blessings...soul..."
-Psalm 116:6-8