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Day Twenty-Three and no admission fee!



Today we have another fabric flower tutorial for the 31 Crafty Flowers in 31 Days

This one is very similar to the fabric flower we made before but instead of pointed petals you get round petals.

 Here's what you need to get started:
Gather supplies

-Needle and Thread

Step One

Step one-cut squares

Cut six 3x3 squares of fabric.

Step Two

 Step two-press squares
Fold in a triangle shape, wrongs sides together and press.

Step Three

Step three-stitch squares

Stitch a loose gathering stitch around the open edges of the triangle.

Step three-stitch squares2

Step Four

  Step Four-gather petals

Now gather the fabric into a petal shape by pulling the thread through.
Step Four-gather petals2

Step Five

Step Four-gather petals3

Attach the next petal to the first and then stitch around the edges and gather.  Repeat this for all five petals.

Step Six

 Step five-attach petals

Once you've finished gathering all your petals attach the last petal to the first petal to form the flower.

Step Seven


Add a button to the center and your pretty fabric flower is finished!

Try putting these on:

-tote bags



-a brooch

-a scrapbook cover

-a t-shirt

-a bulletin board pin 

Have Fun!

Grace & Peace,

"He made the flowers, the lamps and their objects of pure gold."
-2 chron 4:21