ten on tuesday {vacation edition}
ten on tuesday (on wednesday) - the crafty vacation edition

Back in Crafty Action!

Ack!  I'm finally back!

Vacation was wonderful and I'm relaxed and refreshed and ready to get crafty again!

{I love typing Ack!  It's so descriptive and you really can't get away with actually *saying* "Ack!" out loud can you?}

So how about some photo happiness to start the week off right?

Here are some of my faves from the trip:

St.Louis Union Station

St. Louis Union Station is so gorgeous.  We stayed in a hotel across the street that is a restored YMCA built in early 1900's.

Inside Union Station is even more gorgeous!  I wish they still designed buildings like this:

Union Station

I love the ladies holding the globes at the top of the arch. 

And look at the stained glass:

Stained Glass Union Station

When we arrived in Chicago this is what we saw sitting outside our hotel room:


I should have known that was a bad sign of things to come.

The rest of the Chicago leg of the trip was fabulous though! 


We visited the beautiful Shedd Aquarium.



And learned lots about dolphins and penguins and whales and lizards! 

In fact we arrived at the lizard exhibit at feeding time much to my boys delight (and my horror!). 


Lizards eat some pretty gross stuff...I'm just sayin'.


Yes, that is a big, fat, green caterpillar-wormy thing in his mouth...and he swallowed it whole (while it was still squirming!) right after I took this shot..*eww*...

After Shedd we hopped on the train to Chinatown for lunch at the Three Happiness Cafe and some shopping (sorry to mention lunch so soon after the whole caterpillar/lizard thing). 

Some students had a haiku exhibit in the station and it was fabulous! 


I also enjoyed this warning sign in the station (affixed with duct tape):


And just in case you weren't sure *how* to hold on to your children the diagram shows you with a little highlighted circle for emphasis...I guess so you don't try to hold on to them by their hair or something which would be much less effective I'm sure...

I really fell in love with Chinatown.  It just had so much charm and character. 

Chicago chinatown  

Chicago chinatown gate

Chicago chinatown lampost

I loved the dragon lamp posts!

And this was my favorite sign in all of Chicago:

Chicago chinatown church sign

Okay lots more to show you tomorrow including a tuesday ten of crafty things I saw on my trip with more photos of the fabulous Red Lead Paperworks!

Hope you're all having a fabulous summer!

Grace and Peace,

♥ M~
"You see me when I travel and when I rest at home.You know everything I do."
-Psalm 139:3