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In honor of my 100th post (which went by many moons ago):

100 Things About Me

1 I love Jesus and have for 25 years. Before that I just didn't know Him, but I would've loved Him if I had.

2 I met my husband thirteen years ago in a christian chat room called "net central" .

3 I feel awkward telling people that.  It sounds so cheesy.

4 I haven't been in a chat room since shortly after we met.

5 I lived in Africa with my family for almost four years when I was in high school.

6 It was absolutely some of the best memories of my life so far.

Melissa and Matt at Groundbreaking
My brother and me at a church service in Africa.

7 I spent the summer in Italy when I was 16.

8 I had a 110 camera and still cringe when I think of the missed photo opportunities.

9 It was so beautiful though and I hope to go back with my husband someday.

10 I won a coloring contest when I was in elementary school and the prize was that I got to be in the Ringling bro circus. It was pretty cool for a little kid.

11 I don't enjoy the circus now and will probably never take my kids to one.  I think it's mean to the animals. It makes me sad.


12  I used to teach cake decorating and make elaborate cakes. I even owned a cake decorating business for awhile.  You cannot believe the amount of money some moms are willing to spend on a birthday cake.

13  I was a preschool director for a few years.  It was not an easy job, but I loved those kiddos so much.

14 I was an elementary ed major, but if I could go back (when?) I would (will?) be a photography/graphic arts major. Is that a major?

15 I would rather be cold than hot.  If you're cold you can always get warmer.  You can snuggle with someone, put on a jacket, start a fire, wrap up in a warm blanket.  When you're hot you can pretty much just get naked and then you're still hot...and naked...which in itself could be uncomfortable.


16 I graduated from bible school, Christ For the Nations Institute, before I went to college.

17 I feel like I should know more scripture due to number 16

18 I'm also a homeschool graduate (and shockingly I'm not socially stunted or inept at life).

19 My family and I lived in Memphis when I was five and I have been told that my two best friends were the mayor's daughter and Jerry Lee Lewis' daughter. I can't really remember that though.


20 I love a hot chai latte, even homemade with *egad* a mix.  There is something so soothing about a cup of warm spicy tea.


21 The style of decorating that I love and the way my house actually looks in most rooms are worlds apart.

22 Sometimes I get sad about this, but then I just remind myself that it's a process and everyday and every trip to an antique store or flea market brings me a little bit closer to my vision.

23 I am not a mall person.  I really just like being home, but if I'm going to go somewhere the mall is absolutely my last choice.

24 I overuse exclamation points and ellipses (and apparently the words "just" and "so")

25 I am not a grammar fan

26 In spite of what the two above may imply I love the English language and words.

27 I love the color red

28 I love the color pink

29 I really love pink and red together (and sometimes orange and aqua blue)

30 I refuse to pay money to watch a movie with a sad ending (actually I won't watch a sad movie for free either -  ha!).  I mean isn't life sad enough for a lot of real people without me paying to cry about a fake person's fake life??

31 I hate when I misspell a word so badly that the spell check offers me choices that aren't even *close* to the word I was trying to spell.

32  I could eat Mexican food everyday for the rest of my life. Fajitas are my favorite.

33  I love being a stay at home mom, more than I ever dreamed I would


Stay tuned for part 2.  (or if you are bored beyond belief just come back Monday...heh-heh)

Grace & Peace,

♥ Melissa~

"You have looked deep into my heart, LORD, and You know all about me. You know when I am resting or when I am working, and from heaven You discover my thoughts."
-Psalm 139:1-2