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Chicken Scratch Embroidery Tutorial, Free pattern and Stitch Guide!

Crochet Bunnies and Chicken Scratch Embroidery Eggs

Thank you all for the warm welcome back here and in emails.  You guys are the best. :)

Here are some more Eastery things I've been working on as promised.

First my little crochet bunny egg.  He came out pretty cute, but I'm not crazy about how I embroidered his face.  He looks kinda mad, don't you think? 

I think I might pull it out and do it again.  I do love his little ears though. 

Crochet bunny egg 

I found the pattern here at Lindamade.  She is just full of all kinds of crafty and crochet-y things.  She also has a pattern there for little chick eggs and plain ol' Easter eggs. 

These work up really fast (although  you will get a cramp in your wrist if you try to sit and crochet for an hour without stopping.  Just sayin'.).  I'm planning to do a few more for my nephew & niece.

Next I've been working on some fabric eggs.  I saw some at the quilt show recently that were so pretty so I wanted to try my own version.  

As a novice sewer I'm really having trouble sewing the curvy seams.  They are coming out kind of wonky and with little bumps in them.  Any advice on that from you experienced seamstresses?

Fabric and chicken scratch embroidery eggs  

The other thing I've been trying on my Easter eggs is a form of embroidery called Chicken Scratch.  It is done on gingham and comes out looking like lace.  You've probably seen it on vintage aprons like these. 

Fabric and chicken scratch embroidery eggs

It's really fun once you get the hang of it and lace and gingham are two of my favorite things so I just loved working on these.  At first you don't see it, but as you're stitching the lace just appears like magic!

Fabric and chicken scratch embroidery eggs

I learned the basic stitches by muddling through this article but it's a little confusing and hard to understand especially for me as I am a pretty visual learner, so I thought I would try my hand at a tutorial for you this week.  I'll also include the template for my Easter eggs so you can sew up some of your own!

(oh come on, you have plenty of time it's a whole week and a half before Easter!)

See you soon with the tutorial.  Hope you're having a lovely spring week!


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