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Recycled Men's Necktie Chair Seats! {a.k.a.- crafty stuff I'm working on}

I bought this enormous box of men's neckties on ebay the other day.  I had so much fun opening the box and sorting all the ties into colors and patterns.  

T2 pic

There are vintage, designer, silks, polyester, and my favorites, the sixties paisley ties. 


T4 pic

There are about two hundred more than I actually need, so I've been thinking about fun ideas of ways to use them.

(I know that sentence is a grammatical nightmare...sorry, but really, you should be used to that by now if you've been here any length of time...heh-heh. 

And what does it say about me that the apology for the bad sentence has taken me twice as long to type as just correcting the sentence would have taken?)

I originally bought the ties because I'm going to use them to re-weave the seats on my pretty ladder-back kitchen chairs.  They belonged to my grandmother and I love them but the original cane weaving is...well...gone. 

T3 pic

I don't know if it's age and natural wear & tear or the reality that I have two boys who, for years, have literally used them as ladders and springboards.

In any case they needed replacing if only for the fact that it's kind of embarrassing when you find yourself  preventing a guest from certain doom by pulling the chair out from under them and shouting, "Wait, that's the one with the hole in it!" just as they are about to sit down.

T1 pic

So this week I am picking all my favorite colors and designs and sewing little cushions to go under the ties and then hopefully this weekend we will get them all woven up into new seats.  Of course pictures will follow.

Now what to do with the other two hundred ties?  Any ideas?  I have a couple of things I want to try, but if you have something neat to share I would love to read about it!

Hope your week is fun and crafty. :)

Grace & Peace,


"You know when I sit down or stand up.You know my thoughts even when I’m far away."  -Psalm 139:1-3