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Frame the One You Love with a Paper Towel Tube!

I was about to throw this paper towel tube away when Little O came in the kitchen and started chatting with me about his latest adventures climbing our backyard tree.

I was fidgeting with the paper towel tube when I accidentally made a heart.  I looked through the tube at Little O and said, "I {heart} you."

Valentines Photography Idea

{he gave me one of those half smiles that little boys do when they love their mama and don't want to say, "you're weird mom".}

And then I remembered seeing my friend Mindi take a picture through a paper towel tube (just in the round shape) and wondered if it would work with a heart! 

{Well, I *think* it was Mindi, I can't really remember.  I emailed her, but haven't heard back yet.  But go visit her blog anyway, because she is *so* funny and takes the most amazing pictures and is just sweet and honest and inspiring.)

Update:  I'm not crazy, it *was* her!  Here is the link.

  Valentines Photography Idea

Anyway, it *did* work!  So cool. 

If you want to try it just take an empty paper towel tube and pinch it in at the top of one end like this:


Heart Shaped Paper Towel Tube Recycle


And then take a photo through the other end! 

I found it helps to be further away and then zoom in through the tube (the one below was taken from the kitchen and Little O was in the backyard tree). 

Valentines Photography Idea

Also if your subject is sitting in too much light it doesn't work as well.  Just experiment with it with your camera.  It's fun!

I'm gonna do something sweet and valentiney with these I think.

Do you have plans for Valentines Day yet?  I'd love to hear about it if you do.

Hope you're havin' a great day.


"People look at the outside of a person, but the Lord looks at the heart." -1 Samuel 16:7