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Free Embroidery Pattern Series--12 Things God Wants You to Remember--May--I Will Heal You

   Free Embroidery Pattern! Tea Cup


Hello Friends!

It's time for this month's Free embroidery pattern!


If you're just joining in, here is the link to the overview page:

12 Things God Wants You To Remember



12 Things -- #5 "I will heal you." 1 Peter 2:24

Free Embroidery Patterns -- Tea Cup


Soak up God's Healing Rain


If you need healing whether it's physical, spiritual or emotional, I pray that you would seek God today and that He would hear you and answer you.


I love this song by Michael W. Smith that talks about God's healing rain:



I will heal you 3 Free Embroidery Pattern


Here is the pattern:


I will heal you thumb


Download the free pattern here: May Embroidery Pattern


There is a copy with the fifth thing God wants you to remember, "I will heal you" and a blank copy for you to fill in your own phrase or scripture in the frame if you'd like to use it again. 


(it's a pdf so you'll need Adobe Reader installed.  Get it here for free)

  I will heal you 4 Free Embroidery Pattern

I used a silver metallic embroidery floss for the "steam" and twisted it with a plain white floss to make it a little easier to use.

The stitches this month are:

Lazy Daisy

French Knot

Back Stitch

Seed Stitch (I used this to fill in the heart)


I'd love to see your work if you're stitching along with us!  Send me a link or a photo to be featured on the blog!


Grace & Peace,

"...for it is time to seek the Lord, that He may come and rain righteousness upon you."  -Hosea 10:12