The Big Announcement - The Pep Talk Podcast!
The Pep Talk Podcast

Scrapbooking, Crochet, Sun and free printables - It's Sum-Sum-Summertime!

Summer Crochet Hexagons via Pink Paper PeppermintsSummer Crochet Love


Happy Summer my friend!

What have you been up to?

I've been enjoying lots of happy, summer actvities with my family, recording the new podcast (!) and even squeezing some crafty stuff in to the mix. 


The Pep Talk Podcast via Pink Paper Peppermints

The podcast has been such an amazing, overwhelming, and (how does Romans 5 put it?) "patience and character producing" experience. ha!

I am getting super excited as we move closer to launch day (June 27th - Lord willing), because I'll finally be able to share with you some of the wonderful conversations I've had with incredible women of God!  You are gonna have your socks blessed off!

While you're waiting if you have suggestions for guests that you'd enjoy hearing about be sure and drop me an email or leave a comment with their names and blogs! 


Happy Summer

Summer Crochet Hexagons via Pink Paper Peppermints


I've been doing some estate sale shopping with my hubby and finding great stuff!  My most recent favorite is a book of crochet patterns from the 80's (why does that sound like so long ago??).


Summer Crochet Hexagons via Pink Paper Peppermints

It had this pretty popcorn hexagon pattern that I'm working on now.  I love the popcorn stitch and how it looks like giant flowers!  I should be finished just in time for the cool weather.

Edited to add:  The name of the book is "Afghans Are A Natural" by Coats & Clark Book No. 312 and it's available used right now on Amazon! Woot!


Summer Croquet via Pink Paper Peppermints
Summer Games

We also found a cool croquet set that has been lots of fun!  We had to google the rules for croquet, but it turns out that they're not too complicated.



Summer Messy Top Knot from Naptime Diaries via Pink Paper Peppermints
Summer Hair

I tried a new "messy top knot" hairstyle thanks to the lovely Jessi Connolly at Naptime Diaries. (She's one of my guests on the show!)


Summer Sun via Pink Paper PeppermintsSummer Sun


Summer Banner via Pink Paper Peppermints

Summer Flags

We've been spending lots of time on the deck.



Summer Vases @ Uncle Julio's  via Pink Paper PeppermintsFavorite Summer Restaurant -Uncle Julio's

We've even made it up to Dallas, to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Uncle Julio's So good!


Free Printable and Digital Journaling Cards!

Free printable and Digital Summer Journalign Cards via Pink Paper Peppermints
Summer Place Card Printables &
Digital Scrapbooking Journaling Cards

*And* I managed to make you a little free summer printable!  They can be used as journaling cards or place cards for a summer party! I've included a printable sheet for you paper scrappers and digital files for my digi friends!

Free printable and Digital Summer Journaling Cards via Pink Paper Peppermints

Download the Summer Journaling Cards and Place Cards Printable

(click the link above to download the free journaling cards!)

Free printable and Digital Summer Journalign Cards via Pink Paper PeppermintsSummer Project Life album

I hope you're having a wonderful, happy summer too!

Peace & Grace~


"I trust in Your love. My heart is happy because You saved me."
-Psalm 13:4-6