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#004 Words - Christa Wells and Nicle Witt [Podcast]

The Pep Talk podcast is designed to encourage and inspire you and give you a little pep talk from the word of God.


The PepTalk Podcast at Pink Paper

  The Pep Talk podcast - Music and the Power of Words with guests Christa Wells and Nicole Witt at

The Pep Talk Podcast #004 Words

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The Pep Talk Podcast #004 Words

Should you force your children to take music lessons against their will? How can our words have an impact even on those we don’t know and may never meet?

Hear what two accomplished musicians think about these questions as well as stories of their own childhood experiences and more.

Join me as I chat with award-winning singer/songwriter duo, Christa Wells and Nicole Witt, about parenting, music and the power of our words.

If you have thoughts or questions for Christa or Nicole please let them know in the comments so they can respond!

Show Notes
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Where to Find Our Guests Online

Christa Wells

Award-winning singer-songwriter Christa Wells crafts honest and poignant piano-driven pop songs about home, family, grief, and hope. Named 2006 Songwriter of the Year by the Gospel Music Association, The Christian Manifesto called her 2011 EP How Emptiness Sings “nothing short of phenomenal.” Christa’s latest album, Feed Your Soul, is available now.

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Nicole Witt

The award-winning Nashville songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nicole Witt is known for the soaring melodies and clever turns of phrase that have brought her national acclaim in the bluegrass, country, and Christian music scenes.  She found herself under the spotlight at the Ryman Auditorium in the fall of 2011, accepting the International Bluegrass Music Association Award for Song of the Year.  Her album More Than Rubies, with Christa Wells as well as her other music is available on her website below.

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More than Rubies

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Links Mentioned

Masterpiece Ministries

Masterpiece Ministries has spent the last fifteen years dedicating time, energy, and focus to help high school students identify and develop their God-given gifts in the arts and to encourage them to become wholehearted followers of Christ.

Through summer camps, events and an ever growing community of young artists who have participated in the ministry, Masterpiece is committed to making a transforming impact on students’ lives and the culture at large through artistic expression.

Christa’s Blog Post:
If you are a mother and an artist you *must* read this:


This One’s for the Mothers

New Release Tuesday

Fun Finds and Favorites

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Nicole’s Fun Finds:

Byron Trimble, Dive Without Looking

Christa Wells, Feed Your Soul

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