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Quite Possibly the Cutest Thing You've Ever Seen

Hello, my friend!  I'm excited to be blogging my first blog in 2015! I've got a pretty big post with some fun stuff to share with you today!

One of my goals in this new year is to blog more frequently and consistently so I hope you won't get tired of seeing me pop up in your inbox more often.  I plan to always have something fun and crafty for you so you'll look forward to seeing me as much as I look forward to seeing you. :)

Time for a Printable

Free Printable Download of Computer Monitor Mini Bunting from Pink Paper

If you follow me on Pinterest you might have seen me pin this cute computer monitor bunting, designed by Annie, one of the clever girls at the Paper Source offices.  I fell in love with it and have wanted to try making my own DIY version of it for quite awhile now. (Pinterest says it's been 3 years, wha?) 


I finally managed to do it, and made you a printable version of it as well!  I used scans of some vintage fabric I've been hoarding  saving for a special occasion.  You might recognize it from these journaling cards I made for us to use in our Project Life scrapbooking.  It's the same fabric, I just heart it so much!


Free Printable Download of Computer Monitor Mini Bunting from Pink Paper

The reason I finally sat down and made this was a devotional I read recently.  It was about resting in the Lord (Rest is my word for the year) and it talked about the way we rest is, like Peter, walking on the water in a storm, we simply need to keep our eyes on Jesus. 

Look at ourselves, and our own abilities and efforts and we begin to sink, but look at Him and we can walk across the top of the sea, in a raging storm, despite what the world may say is possible.

As I was meditating on that I started thinking to myself, "I need something to remind me when I'm stressed, to just keep my eyes on Jesus."  And then the natural solution came to me, computer monitor bunting!  (Ok, that may have been a stretch for some people, but to me it seems perfectly natural.)

Cute Printable Computer Monitor Bunting

Free Printable Download of Computer Monitor Mini Bunting from Pink Paper

So here it is, Cute, Printable Computer Monitor Bunting. I've made it a printable pdf Just click on the image above to download the zip file.

Just cut out the little flags, fold them over some twine or ribbon and attach them to two mini "poles".  You could use straws, pencils, pipe cleaners anything light-weight, but stiff enough to support the bunting.  I used some pretty turquoise, striped straws leftover from a birthday party.

Of course you could use this for other things too.  I gave you some blank flags so you could make a birthday banner for a cake, or write your own verse or inspirational saying. 

I hope you have fun with it!  And as always, if you make something cute send me photos or a link so i can pin you on my Readers Get Crafty Pinterest board!

(I need to think of a better name for you than "readers"  something like "sweeties" or "pinkies", maybe? eww no. Do you have any suggestions?)

So on to my next fun thing!

The Ultimate DIY Bundle - January 21st - 26th

Diy bundle

I am typically not a person that enjoys a lot of hyperbole and fanfare over a product.  In fact, when I get an email with the subject line that says, "You can't miss this!!"  or "Hurry! This is the Best Thing Ever!!"   I usually delete it without opening (I don't know why, but the subject line "Hurry" just really irritates me - it makes me need to look at my bunting, heh-heh).

The exception to that, is when someone I trust sends me an email and tells me they think something is worth my time.

I received an email like that last week and it directed me to The Ultimate DIY bundle

(<--that's an affilate link and so are the ones to follow, so I will receive a little bonus if you use any of them.  For more info on why and how I use affiliate links read the F.A.Q.)

At first I was only casually reading, and really only because the person who sent it to me always sends me neat stuff, but the more I read through it, the more excited I got and finally I decided to sign up with them and tell you all about it.

A Library of DIY Goodies

  The Ultimate DIY Bundle of ebooks and classes for crafty people!

The Ultimate DIY Bundle,  is like an instant go-to library for a whole range of DIY and crafting eBooks and eCourses.  There are books and workshops on sewing (including cute patterns!), decorating, scrapbooking, photography, art journaling, embroidery, crafting your own DIY business and more.

It's really amazing, the amount of resources that are in this bundle, (over 76 for under $35.00) and so many of them made my heart beat a little faster when I saw what they were about and/or who wrote them.  Some of my favorite authors and artists!  


The Ultimate DIY bundle - some of my favorite Authors and Artists, yay!


This is Not Hyperbole

Now, as you know, I don't recommend things I haven't tried myself, without telling you why, because I just don't feel right about that, so I'm going to tell you which of these I've read (only one) and which of them I'm super excited about reading or using because it's about something I want to learn and/or I know the artist or author.

Hopefully that will help you decide if you'd like to get in on the deal with me. :)

And by the way, that "$1200.00 for $34.95" is not made up.  I went and looked at many of the author's websites and added up how much their books and classes were and it's defintely over $1200.00, so yay! no hyperbole! (<--well except maybe my use of exclamation points, heh-heh)

My Previous Finds and Favorites

How to Choose Paint Colours: It's All in the Undertones

The first one I'll tell you about is the one book from the collection that I actually own and have read, Maria Killam's, "How to Choose Paint Colours". 

I bought this one about 3 years ago, when we first moved in to our new house and I was trying to figure out what paint colors I wanted to use (the whole house was painted brown and cream, *ugh*).   

I learned so much about color from this book!  It really helped me understand the differences between whites (it's all in the undertones as Maria says) and how to pick the right whites to go with the colors in your house. 

I have used this book over and over with artwork and scrapbooking too, to remind me about color choices.  I really love it.  And since it's $37.00  on Maria's website now (I think it was a little less when I bought it a few years ago), just this book makes the whole bundle worth it.

Now to the books, patterns, classes and bonuses that I'm kind of giddy about getting in this deal.



The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting


Oh my goodness, I can't wait for this one!  I'm always buying vintage furniture at estate sales and garage sales with plans to paint it, and so far I have only painted two things, neither of which came out like I wanted, so this one will be at the top of my reading list.


Printable Photo Checklists

I love photo checklists, because I'm trying to take daily photos and videos this year, using the Collect app (so far I have only missed one day-yay!)  and sometimes I just don't know what else to take a photo of, you know?  So having someone give me a spark of ideas is so helpful and makes it a lot more fun.


Sewing School 101

You know I love fabric and sewing on paper, but I have never actually sewn clothing so I'm pretty excited about all the sewing books, but especially this one for beginning seamstresses (that's what I'm calling myself-ha!).

Lucky the ElephantSleep Over Tote

And hopefully after reading the Sewing School 101 book, I can sew lots of things with the patterns that come in the bundle, like this cute elephant or this fantastic totebag.

Or this cute top!

Sugar Pop Top

 Seasonal Stitching Club Collection


Probably the sewing book I'm the most excited about is the Seasonal Stitching Club. It includes four project patterns and instructions; a quilt, a wall hanging, a pillow and a table mat plus 12 mini embroidery patterns. (oh the cuteness!)



There are 9 classes to choose from in the Ultimate DIY Bundle and they all look so fun!  There are classes on writing, art journaling, photo editing, even one on how to scrapbook on your phone!

Use Your Stash

The first one I'll probably take is this one from Elise.  She is such a talented scrapbooker and designer so I know the projects will be gorgeous.  Plus I have a ridiculous amout of "stash" that needs to be dwindled.


use your stash ecourse



So on top of all the books and classes there are also some neat bonus items that don't really fit in those catagories, that really just push me over the "should I buy this or not" edge.


The best one is from my friend Emily at Hope Ink.  You may have listened to my interview with her and Amanda on the Christmas Podcast, it was one of our most downloaded episodes. 

She is such a talented artist and has the sweetest heart and she's giving everyone who purchases the bundle a free 8x10 print from her store (!) *and* a $15.00 credit to the shop. 

Now you do have to pay the shipping for your print, but what a generous bonus, don't you think?  I already know which print I'm ordering, it's one I've had in my etsy favorites for literally years and it's stunning:




I'm also thinking I'll put my credit towards these two:




The airplane one is for my hubby's office for Father's Day.  He loves vintage planes, so I know he'll like it a lot.


craftsy       Stampington-logo


There are four other bonuses that are so cool too, including a class from Craftsy, and two digital magazines from Stampington & Company,  "Where Women Create" and "GreenCraft".


You'll be able to choose from 15 of Craftsy's most popular classes and I don't yet know which they will be, but here's just a couple that are on my wishlist, so I'm hoping one of them are included in the 15.


I Refuse to Say Hurry

So that was a lot of information, but after looking at all the crafty classes, books and bonus items that were included, I really felt like it would be right up your alley and worth your time to read about it since you probably read my blog 'cause you love crafty and DIY stuff like I do.

If you add up just the 10 books and classes that I told you about it would be over $125.00, so $34.95 really is an incredibly good deal, especially when you consider that there are over 60 more books, classes and bonuses.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee, which I always appreciate with ebooks, just so that you can flip through the resources and make sure they are right for you.

One other thing, the deal is only good for 6 days, from today, January 21st until Monday, January 26th (but I refuse to say hurry).


The bundle sale is officially over (*sniff*), but if you would like me to let you know when the next sale happens just sign up here and I'll be happy to put you on the update list. (this is for UB sales only, if you want to receive blog updates, sign up in the sidebar)

* indicates required


If you want to read more about it and see what all the other books, classes and bonuses are, or you're ready to jump in with me right now you can click one of the buttons below.



If you have questions they have a great F.A.Q. page that explains everything, or you can ask away in the comments and I'll try and help you find the answer.


I hope you're having a wonderful start to the new year!  I'll be back in a couple of days with another fun printable for you.

Grace and Peace,

"She's skilled in the crafts of home and hearth" -Proverbs 31:19 (the message)