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Faith Art Friday - Gotta Tell Somebody




Hello Friend!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Are you reading this in line for some awesome Black Friday deals?  Where ever you are right now I hope you're ready for a new Faith Art Friday!

In case you're new, each Friday Erin from Art by Erin Leigh and I will be posting tips, prompts, ideas and inspiration for your faith art journals!

If you love bible journaling and illustrating your faith, you are going to love Faith Art Fridays!!


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“Go home to your own people. Tell them your story—what the Master did, how He had mercy on you.”  -Mark 5:19



This Week's Prompt

Document a favorite testimony from your life or that of someone you care about.  It can be a testimony of salvation, healing, forgiveness, anything that impacted you and that you would like to remember.


No artwork today because Erin and I are enjoying Thanksgiving with our families, but I have a video for you to watch to get inspired. 

This is Don Francisco, a pioneer in the Christian music industry.  He began his recording career in the 70's.  I remember going to several of his concerts as a young girl in the 80's and his music impacted me profoundly. 


Don is known for his ballads written from the point of view of Bible characters who were surprised by God's grace.

I've shared one of his best known songs, "He's Alive", written from the point of view of Peter just after the crucifixion of Jesus, here on the blog before.

This one, "Gotta Tell Somebody" is just as powerful.  It's about Jairus's testimony of Jesus healing his daughter in Luke 8:40-56. As with most of his songs, Don builds the story up until the end just gives you chills.  I think you're going to love it.

You can find out more about Don, his wife Wendy and their ministry at Rocky Mountain Ministries

Don & Wendy actually give the mp3s to many of their songs away on their website, including this one and some beautiful Christmas carols!  I find their music so inspiring for art journaling stories, I hope you do too!





Peace and Grace,


♥ Melissa~
 "Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me" -Psalm 103:2 (NLT)