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DIY Planner Charms, Mini Make Tag Tutorial Video, Mixed Media Journal Review and New Printable Journal Cards!




This Week

I'm showing you how to make DIY Planner Charms for your Traveler's Notebooks, I've got a Mini-Make tag tutorial and journal process video, a mixed-media journal review, and some new printable vintage journal cards!



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Key Tag Charms

  How to make key tag charms for your bible or planner!A past key tag project from my free Journaling by heArt class


I had so much fun this week playing with key tags!  I've always loved key tags; the paper, the metal rim and the dangly-ness of them.   But when I got the Tim Holtz Tag Press it took my love for them to a whole new level!

How to make planner charms from key tags - diy tutorial!

The tag press allows you to make your own custom key tags!  In this project I used some of my new vintage linen journaling cards for the centers, but you could use any paper, photos, fabric, anything!  I have so many ideas for these!

  DIY key tag planner charm tutorial using the Tim Holtz tag press!

Supplies Needed for this project:

Vintage Linen Journal Cards

1 1/4" circle punch

Tim Holtz Tag Press

Vinyl Coated Paper Clip

Key Tag Jump Ring

Dangle Charms

hole punch


Step One


DIY key tag planner charm tutorial!

First choose the size of key tag you want to make.  The press comes with three sizes of rings. I'm using the 1 1/4" ring and I already had a 1 1/4" punch, but Tim has a set of circle punches that match the rings if you don't  have one.  The press also comes with a little template so you can draw the circle by hand if you'd rather.


 Step Two


DIY key tag planner charm tutorial!


Next punch a hole in your circle with a standard hole punch and press the circle into the metal rim.  It's a tight fit so you have to press firmly all the way around.


 Step Three DIY key tag planner charm tutorial!


Now this is the tricky part.  You have to slide the tag, face down, into the the press and it has to be right in the middle.  Too far back and it won't work, too far forward and it won't work.  And then press until you hear a little click.  I squished a few tags crooked before I got the hang of this, but honestly, even crooked, they turned out cute!


Step Four

DIY key tag planner charm tutorial!

Once you've made your tag, you'll slide it onto a jump ring.  I used one from a plain key tag that I had, but you can also purchase jump rings by themselves, usually in the  jewelry-making department of any craft store.

Add some charms to your jump ring and then slide the whole thing onto your paper clip!


DIY key tag planner charm tutorial!

DIY key tag planner charm tutorial!

It looks so pretty hanging from the edge of your page and it's a perfect page marker too!  I'll be making a lot of these, so I hope you don't get tired of seeing them!

Mini-Make Monday

  Fun Traveler's Notebook video tutorial for bible journaling!


In this week's Mini-Make Monday video, I have a quick trick for making tags from my Vintage Index Cards and Pockets set!  See it below or  watch it on Instagram here.



Vintage quilt tags tutorial in a Traveler's Notebook!

 Bible Journaling in a Traveler's Notebook!
Here are the supplies I used in the video:

Printable Vintage Hymnal Traveler's Notebook

Printable Vintage Quilt Pockets

Artist's Loft Acrylic Paint

Speedball Brayer

Freckled Fawn Alpha Stickers (similar to these)

Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz

Variegated Thread

Double-sided Adhesive


Hole Punch

Sewing Machine

Silk Flowers

Felt Hearts




Dina Wakley Media Journal


  Dina Wakley Media Journal Review

I finally ordered this Dina Wakley media journal and it arrived today!

If you're not familiar, Dina Wakley is a mixed-media artist with Ranger who started out as a scrapbooker.  She's a wonderful teacher and has written several books on art journaling including Art Journal Freedom and Art Journal Courage, that I highly recommend! 

Dina Wakley Media Journal Review                                                                                                                                    Look at all that yummy texture!


Her media journal really intrigued me because it contains lots of different surfaces on which to create!  There's watercolor paper, canvas, burlap and a heavy kraft cardstock.  It' an awful lot of brown for me, but I really wanted to try it and get a little out of my comfort zone.  (Plus I can always just paint all the pages neon pink first, ha!)


Dina Wakley Media Journal Review

The cover is a heavy padded book cover and it contains 4 signatures with a total of 54 pages.  I'm really excited about working in it and I'll be posting photos and video here and on instagram if you want to follow along!  You can grab a media journal for yourself and see Dina's books and other fantastic mixed media products here!

New Vintage Journal Cards

Printable Vintage Bible Journal cards!

This week's new release is a brand new set of 12 journal cards that coordinates with my Rhythms of Grace collection!  I'm super excited about them because I used some vintage promise box cards that are so pretty.  They each have a scripture and then a line from a hymn that corresponds to that verse.

Printable vintage bible verse cards.
There are 6 vintage linen cards and 6 scripture cards each with 3 scriptures.  The fun thing is that you can cut the scripture cards apart for a total of 18 different verses!

  Printable vintage quilt bible journaling cards!

Printable journal cards with print for both sides!

I've also included printable patterned papers in coordinating colors that you can print on the back of the cards so that you can journal on them or make a mini book or tip-in.


Printable vintage linen bible journaling cards!

Printable journaling cards for Traveler's Notebook bible journaling!
(paperclips in the above photo are from Just StitchedBetsy Doodles and Faith Wands)



Printable bible verse promise cards for bible journaling!
Printable vintage Bible Journaling cards!

Prinntable Bible Journaling Cards with vintage linens and vintage promise box scriptures!

 You can see a video of me using the cards here.

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Have a beautiful, blessed weekend friend!

Peace & Grace,


“You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed." -Joshua 23:14