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A Printable Traveler's Notebook Insert, More Confetti Tip-In Fun and a fantastic Resource page!




This Week

I have a brand new Printable Traveler's Notebook Insert in the shop this week!  It was the number one new product you requested in the newsletter survey!  I also had tons of fun playing with a Confetti Tip-In on Instagram (video below) and I updated an often requested page on the blog.  Let's talk about it!




Printable Traveler's Notebook Art Journal Insert


Printable Traveler's Notebook Insert with art journal pages!The super cute planner clips in this photo are: disco ball by Betsy Doodles and blue polka dot by  Illustrated Faith
(I made the one on the side with a tutorial by @maker_mom on instagram)




The number one product request you had in the survey was for a printable traveler's notebook insert and the number one challenge you faced in your creativity was simply "getting started".  I tried to address both of those with my new printable Traveler's Notebook insert!

  Printable Traveler's Notebook insert with art journal pages!


It's filled with 24 hand-painted and hand-dyed papers taken from my art journal and it was made to give you a jump start in your personal creative time.

When you sit down to journal or scrapbook or just to do something creative you won't have to stare at a blank page.

It's versatile enough to work for bible journaling, scrapbooking, art journaling, bullet journaling or just planning, sketching and dreaming about your future.

I used vintage ledger paper, graph paper, notebook paper and watercolor paper for lots of yummy texture too!

Printable traveler's notebook insert with art journal pages!


  Printable Traveler's Notebook insert with art journal pages!


 To see a quick video of how it's put together you can check out my Etsy about page.


I printed the cover on my favorite matte photo paper so it would have a little extra weight and I printed the pages on regular printer paper. 

Both need to be printed double-sided and that varies from printer to printer.  If you have a printer with duplex printing make sure to choose "flip on the short edge" so that the pages print the right way. 

I like to print in black and white draft when I'm first trying to figure out printing a new printable to save on ink too.

I hope you have fun with it!  Let me know if you have any questions. :)


Confetti Tip-Ins


Tutorial on how to make a confetti tip in page for your journal or bible!

If you're a newsletter subscriber then you know that a couple of weeks ago the Tip O' the Week was about confetti tip-ins. (If you're not a newsletter subscriber - why not?? You're missin' out on some good stuff! Click here and join the club!)

I promised in the newsletter I would have more details and here they are!  First, if you missed the video on instagram here it is:


A post shared by Melissa (@pinkpaperpeppermints) on


  Super fun confettin tip-in tutorial for bible journaling!I cut up one of my color dyed printables for the scripture on this one.  You can find it here.


As you can see on the video there are so many ways to use this fun idea.  I'm still coming up with things! 

It makes me {heart} packing tape like,  * a lot *


Here are a couple of tips:


-First, make sure you are working on a big sheet of paper or something so you can scoop the confetti back in to the jar.  I didn't do that and my hubby is still picking confetti out of his socks.  (oops)

-You can trim the edges of the tape if you like it tidy or just leave it all sticking out, it looks good both ways

-If you're putting paper or printables in the tape like I did in the video, you may want to lay one face down first and then another on top of it,  face up so you have something pretty on both sides of your tip-in when you flip it over.

-In some cases I sealed mine with washi tape and on some I sewed a zig zag stitch, and even sewed some trim on,  they all looked really cute.

-If you sew it, you'll probably want to clean your needle before you use it again or just use a separate one for this technique 'cause it will get super sticky.


Confetti Tip-In for a Bible Journaling page!This was my favorite one.  I loved having that little hidden spot for my journaling.


If you try it, I'd love to see it!  Leave me a comment here or tag me on Instagram (@pinkpaperpeppermints)


New Resource Page

Last but not least!  I'm so excited to share with you my new Resource Page

Probably the thing I get asked the most is "where'd you get that?"  about my supplies. 

So I tried to list all the basic "must-haves" that I use as well as what I've been working on lately.  I will try to keep adding things and keep it updated so let me know if there is something missing that you want to know about.

Most of the links are affiliate links and you can read more about how and why I use those on my FAQ page.

I can't thank you enough for clicking through on those links when you do, it is such a blessing to my family and me!


Have a beautiful weekend!  


Peace & Grace,



"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." -Philippians 1:3