tuesday morning sunroom love

There is nothing sweeter to me these days than sitting in our sunroom, with my little guy in my lap and reading our science books as the morning sunshine streams through the windows.

We are studying zoolology at the moment, (Apologia, Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day) and more specifically birds and eggs and nests.

In the perfect little gift from the Lord we have had not one, but two pairs of wrens build nests in the eaves on either side of the sunroom.


(Having God for a Superintendent of your school pays off...He can arrange field trips like no other...heh-heh)

Wren nests copy copy

We are beside ourselves with joy at the thought of lots of little baby birds chirping outside our school room soon.  I hope I'll be able to capture it in pixels for you (is that what we say now instead of "capture it on film" ??)


Hope you're having a wonderful day of spring sunshine yourself.


Grace & Peace,


"Look at the birds in the sky! They don’t plant or harvest. They don’t even store grain in barns. Yet your Father in heaven takes care of them." -Matthew 6:25