Prayer Notes Mini Book and Mother's Day Junk Journal


Printable mini book for your bible or faith art journal.


Prayer Notes Mini Book


  Pink Paper Peppermints newsletter freebie! yay!

I created a little Prayer Notes mini book with the free download from last week's newsletter and shared it on Instagram this week.  If you missed out last week, be sure to subscribe before Friday because I'll be including the link to the freebie again!  Here's that video:


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(or you can see it on Instagram here, I don't know why it's so tiny on my blog?)


Printable Bible Verse notecards from Pink Paper Peppermints for bible journaling!These are the coordinating printable cards available in my shop here

To Put the Book Together

I just printed out the book pages twice and then cut them out and sewed them back to back (around two sides only) to create the pocket. 

I used the decorative stitches on my machine because I think they are so pretty.

Next I die cut some color-coordinated tags, typed the names of my "prayees" on them and attached ribbon.


If you try and roll a small tag into your typewriter it might get chewed up or worse, stuck.  I used temporary adhesive and attached mine to a full sheet of paper.  You still have to roll the sheet in carefully, but it's a lot easier.

Finally I attached some pretty charms and tassels made by my friend Amy (@mommymuddling on Instagram) and tucked it into a pocket in my journal.

  Printable mini book for bible journaling at Pink Paper Peppermints blog

I use this little book as a prompt to remind me of names and situations that I want to pray for.  I typically have my quiet time around 5:00 am so I'm still on my first cup of coffee and I need a little help, ha!

How to make a mini prayer book.(this tag is a sample with made up names for privacy's sake)


Each pocket of the book has a category and inside that pocket there is a tag with a list of names or issues to pray for. (Color coded 'cause I like the rainbow and full of alliteration 'cause I like that too. )

-Family & Friends

-Country & Coworkers (Government officials & people my husband works with and I volunteer with)

-Missionaries & Military

-Ministries & Media (yes, I pray for the media and people on tv, they need it don't you think?)

-New & Temporary (These are things that someone just mentioned to me like a surgery or a job interview)




Faith art journal and prayer bookThe gorgeous charms and tassel are by @mommymuddling on Instagram


I have this in a little pocket at the back of my art/faith journal* so I can just pull it out and pray over the names on that day's tag.  I'm trying to be more organized with my prayer life and I think this little book is going to help a lot. 

One of my friends on Instagram (@cranlan) suggested that it would make a lovely gift for a friend, and I agree.  I also think it would be fun to use for scripture memory.  You could hide the scripture in the pocket and only peek when you needed a hint.


*You can see more about this journal on my Instagram feed.  I have lots of videos and how-to's there that include it.)


Mother's Day Junk Journal

  Faith Art Journaling, in a vintage Junk Journal


I made a vintage style junk journal for my mom for Mother's Day.  I found this awesome book at the thrift store and I've already bought another copy on Amazon to make one for myself.  I haven't read the book, I just love the title and think it's so perfect for faith-based junk journal.  Don't you?


Vintage atlas page in a faith art, junk journal with scripture. Love!
vintage faith art, bible journaling, journal page.

You can see more of the inside of the journal in my video on Instagram.


Well that's all for now, I hope you're having a wonderful week my friend!

Peace & Grace,


"This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us." -1 John 5:14