An alternative to Tea Dyeing Paper, New Printables and a Bible Journaling Download

Free printable bible journaling index cards from Melissa at Pink Paper Peppermints!



Color Dyeing instead of Tea Dyeing


Did you see this week's {mini-make monday} tutorial video on Instagram?  I had so much fun playing with"color dyeing" some index cards and notebook paper for my bible journaling.  I kinda of just made up "color dyeing" it's my answer to the browness of tea dying.

I love the way tea dyed paper feels and sounds all crinkly but I'm not a big fan of the brown so I started wondering if I could use my spray inks to get the same effect, but with color!

It actually worked really well and I loved the results so much I made them into printables for the shop!  There's a free sample set of cards at then end of this post if you'd like to see what they look like when printed.  (There will also be an additional exclusive free printable in the newsletter going out later today!)

Here's the video:


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Tips on Color Dyeing Paper


A tutorial on a colorful form of "tea dyeing" index cards! Neat!
Stack of yummy, crinkly, color-dyed index cards


The process is pretty simple as you'll see in the video.  Here are a couple of tips:


-You'll get different results from wet paper, damp paper and dry paper so experiment with all three to see which you like.

-I tried spraying and dropping the ink on and it made pretty shapes both ways. 

-I also sprinkled water over the ink in some instances and there were more pretty variations that way.

-I used Heidi Swapp's color shine sprays (possibly because I couldn't find my Delusions sprays in the mess that is my art room right now *cough*) and they have the prettiest shine to them.  I'm going to try my Delusions Sprays next (when I find them, ha!)

-The notebook paper has a much more satisfying crinkle than the index cards, but the color on the index cards was much more vibrant.

-I tried printer paper and it didn't have as nice a result, not sure why?

-My husband says to remind you that paper ignites at 450 degrees, so um, be careful and bake your paper at your own risk. *LOL*

  Color dyed index cards for tip-ins in my art journal!  Fun tutorial with a freebie too!

So shiny!


I'd love to see your experiments if you try this, and if you're not into baking paper, you could always get the printables in the shop instead!



This Week in the Shop

Printable mixed-media bible journaling cards!

This week's new set of Bible Journaling cards in the shop are the result of my color dyeing experiment over the weekend.

I'm calling them Color Notes and this set is the first of a series.  It's titled, "His Goodness".

I wanted to design a set of cards that we could use to remind ourselves of who we are in Christ, so the scriptures on the cards are written in the first person.


Printable cards for art journaling or faith planners.




Printable cards for art journaling and bible journaling.






Printable cards for art journaling or faith planners.



Printable Mixed Media Bible Journaling Cards!

You'll get 18 printable cards, 9 blank and 9 with scriptures and digital collage illustrations in a total of 5 pdfs.  I'm using these in a variety of ways, as tips-ins in my bible, and my planner as well as in my art journal



Mini prayer reminder book!

I also made a little mini prayer book with them and I'll have a video of that soon.  (Hint: if you are a subscriber you'll be getting a download of the printable mini-book along with a discount code for the Color Notes set!)


Mini book printable cards.

 And before I go, here is a free sample card from my new Color Notes set!  Just click on the image below to download it!

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed weekend and if you're a mama, a very sweet Mother's Day.

Peace and Grace,




"God is good to one and all; everything He does is suffused with grace." -Psalm 145:9 (msg)

  Pretty, printable bible journaling cards.  Free download at Pink Paper Peppermints!

Download Instructions:

Just click on the image above to download it.

The printable is in a large pdf that has been compressed into a zip file.

When you click on the download image you should have the choice to open or save the file.

If you are on a windows machine you can choose "open with windows explorer" and it will download and then open the file.

You should then be able to save that folder wherever you would like on your machine.