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ten on tuesday - art and paper and the you-know-who

ten random thoughts on tuesday


Happy Earth Day! 

Thank you Lord for this amazing place you created for us.  Please help us to be better stewards of it while bringing glory to Your name. amen.



I realize you are all probably tired of hearing about the dentist (thank you so much for your well-wishes and commiserating by the way) but I have one more visit this week that will involve "a little pressure" as the dentist likes to call it and some more heavy medication.  In the meantime I have a short:


Floss your teeth people.   I'm just sayin'.  Floss.


Remember this post about the artwork I experimented with by one of my favorite artists Claudine Hellmuth

I really wanted to try and not be a big, gigantic goober about this, but it appears I have no control over that so I have to tell you that Claudine commented on my post! 

Isn't that cool?  (I really hope she doesn't read this and realize what a goober I am)


Yesterday when I got home from the dentist and was feeling really yucky I got the best package in the mail from one of my bloggy friends.

It just couldn't have come at a better time and it makes me smile how God uses people in your life to do small, sweet things for you.


The very generous package included a beautiful handmade card and was filled with goodies from another one of my all time favorite artists Jenni Bowlin.

What an incredible treat it was to open that package (which was wrapped in gingham ribbon!!) and see all those lovely, papery things.  Thank you so much Tammy!


It's been forever since I've done any impulse art so I thought I'd try it this morning with my new goodies. 

I just love the scripture in Hebrews 4:12 that says,

"For the Word of God is alive and active and sharper than a double-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, joint and marrow and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart."




I am currently enamored with spelling numbers, graph paper, circus fonts, paper lanterns and of course flowers. You might notice some of those in my collage.

I really love the way numbers look when you spell them and it seems to help me memorize scripture references when I see the numbers spelled out.



In case you were wondering I am still working on  the April edition of the HeART & Soul ezine.  It's a little delayed because of the visit to the you-know-who (trying not to mention it again) but it's going to be lots of fun, the theme is one of my favorites, Birdies!


 Fitness on Friday

The you-know-who is getting blamed for this too. My lack of Fitness Friday fitness. *sigh*  Oh well, try again next week I guess (I did do the stair stepper twice last week though and drank lots of water for what it's worth).


My hubby brought me a big basket of red geraniums over the weekend.  I just love red geraniums.  Aren't they beautiful?


When I went to the quilt show I found this fantastic company, My Sampler, that sells embroidery kits that are so sweet. 

They have one that I really want to do for my kitchen called, (what else?) Red Geraniums.

Actually, I want to do them all, especially the scripture ones, they are so cute!

Hey, that's ten already!  Be sure and comment on my giveaway post for a chance to win some goodies!


"...for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him!"
-Matthew 6:8