life is good

I only have a minute so some random bullet points:

- We sold our house!  Yippee! 

We sold our house!
bye-bye little house

- We are in a rent house in our new town. Some "getting used to" to do, but I'll be ok.

- House hunting, car shopping, birthdays and graduations, senior prom, end of the school year and lots more has kept me away from the computer (we have a *wonderful* new homeschool group!).

So fun to make this cake lots of ribbon and icing and little sprinkles.   My baby getting ready for senior prom. *sigh*
Little-O's birthday cake.                  Teen-O's Senior (homeschool) Prom

- Embroidery patterns will be coming now that things are beginning to settle down.

March Embroidery pattern coming soon. :)
Sneek peek at the somewhat tardy March pattern (could we call it fashionably late?)


- I got an iPhone!  It is amazing! 

  I {heart} my iphone!
  i {heart} my iPhone.

- If you have one, do you know about instagram?  This is my new love.  As soon as I can figure out how I will put the stream of my instagram photos in the sidebar. (I am @onehappysahm there, come find me!)

Patio txt
my new (temporary) patio.  hubby put up garden string lights for me *swoon*.

-Martha Stewart is wearing a tiger striped shirt, tied at the waist today.  I find this disturbing.

oh martha.  no.

- I am working on a new version of the blog....maybe up by the end of summer?

- I have missed you!


One more of week of busyness and then I will be back to posting regularly.

Thank you for all the sweet emails!


"Bring me back from gray exile, put a fresh wind in my sails!" -Psalm 51:12